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A Beautifull Italian Coral

Product Details:

Place of Origin Italy
Production Capacity 100 Gram/Grams per Month  Per 
Packaging Details The consignment will be sent via FEDEX courier company and a tracking number will be provided to the buyer so that he/she can track the consignment.
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Payment Terms T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram,

Detailed Product Description


We are glad to inform you that we are manufacture and export finished loose gemstones and gemstone jewellery,Diamond and gold jewellery in huge quantities.We have very recently started our business on ebay.

We also supply in smaller quanities according to need of our clients and threrein we have the manufacturing facility to supply from large to small orders and enquires.

Every piece of our jewellery is an expression of charcter,quality and individuality.Executed with precision by skilled craftsmen and stat-of-the-art technology,ensuring that neither beauty nor perfection of desine is compromised.

We present a wide new collection of ethnic and traditional jewellery for men women and teens.Magnificent rings,pendents,chains,necklaces,bracelets and bangles,earings dazzling danglers are available at lower prices in our new desiner,s collection.

We are at your disposal for your demand of diamond and other gemstone jewellery..

The coral

that ensures invincible success

The coral has been given many names in Indian parlance such as,Bhoumaratna,Vidrum,Angarak mani and Sinduja.In Persian toung it is called,Miranga,Majaan,in Chinese Sahuhochi,in Burmese Taada.

Astrological value

The marse has been called the commander-in-chief of the planets.Therefore its choice gem .The coral is given to the chief of royal forces to wear ,so that it can demolish all adversaries.and enemies and emerge victorious and valourous.

The natives born with Aries and scorpio as their signs have there choice gem Coral.If such native wear coral they become immediately benefited.For the natives born with Ascendent cancer ensures great luck always.For the natives born with ascendent Leo also have in Coral a great benific boosting there luck line.Those born with ascendent Capricorn,or Aquarius or Piscus may also wear Coral.

According to western Philosophy,those who are born in the month of January get coral as their birth stone.Whereas according to Numerology the natives born on 9th,18th and 27th have an evaluated number 9 and if such people wear coral all there planning meet with success.Those whose evaluated mean number is 9 and born on Tuesday have coral a great benefic always.

Coral is in use in human societies from ancient timesThe Romans used it for many purposes including making talisman out of them.Owing to it,s attractive glow and colour the coral has been included in the navratnas in Indian gemology..However it is available from under the sea,in the reefs,mostly in the bones of tiny creatures,a Polyp.Considring this coral should be considered an organic gem.It is a jelly type soft creature full of calcium carbonate,which get stuck to the under sea water rocks,stic to one another too,and then grow in this fashion into a tree of themselves.This deposite of calcium carbonate can not be available in all seas.There is certain temperature required for the purpose.It can not be touched until the deposite of calcium carbonate becomes ripe enough to creat the coral deposite..Deeper the sea level,brighter and more red becomes it,s colour and that takes few decades.

Physical characterstics of Coral

Coral is generally opaque but is also found in semi transparent.Mostly these are available in the same rock where these once get stuck and grows into trees there itself.Its specific density is 2.65,hardness is 3.5 to 4 and refrection index is 1,486 and 1,658.Generally,when hydrochloric acid is poured upon the corals bubbles erupt there,which however,does not occure in the case of black corals.


In ancient times corals were used for artistic designs and experiments.In 1880,in an exhibition in Berlin a coral garland was displayed quoiting 6,000 pounds as value.The royal family of Italy had one coral collection which was costing 600 pounds.


Corals are mostely used in rings.necklaces and ear-rings.For worshipping the Gods putting on the coral garland is very much in vogue.For worshipping Godess Lakshmi.Bagala Mata,and for austere penance for Shakti coral garland is in particular use.

Astrological or Nakshtra ring for this gem

We can make an astrological or Nakshtra ring for you of this gem.An astrological or Nakshtra ring is that where the lower bottom side(inner side) of the ring is open so that the gem can touch native,s skin of the finger to have desired effect.An Ashtadhatu(mix of eight matels including a little quantity of gold ),Panchdhatu(mix of five matels including a little quantity of gold) or silver ring will be made free of cost.For this you have to send us the size of your concerned finger of your right hand to us after purchasing this gem.We can make a gold ring also but you have to pay the cost of gold which will be utilised for this purpose.We will tell you as to how to pay for the cost of gold after you purchase this gem.

How to measure your finger

1.Find a piece of string.

2.Wrap it around the base of your appropriate finger.Make sure that the string fits snugly.You should be able to slip it over your knuckle.

3.Using a pen-mark the point on the string.

4.Measure this length in millimeters and send this measurement to us via email.

PAYMENT OPTION:-Buyer can pay in any currency he/she likes as we will receive the payment in INR only.At present we are accepting payments through(1)T/T(2)western union money transfer(3)Money gram and(4)one other option is also available which is mentioned in the "payment terms of this page".We assure our buyers to not to worry about their money as we are here for honest business.

A Beautifull Italian Coral

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