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home products Advanced Trainersmodel X6 Bread Board System

Advanced Trainersmodel X6 Bread Board System

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Keywords Gym Equipment, Advanced Trainersmodel X6 Bread Board System, , lab electronics, India
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2. AC POWER SUPPLY: It has a centre tapped (15-0-15)V power transformer to conduct half wave , full wave bridge rectifier and voltage multipliers. 3. SINE/SQUARE WAVE SIGNAL GENERATOR: It has two signal sources (i.e.). Sine wave and square wave. It is intended primarily to test and measure audio equipment parameters such as input sensitivity, frequency response, stage gain, distortion and power.The sine/square generator is completely an IC version and generates frequencies from 2Hz to 200KHz in 5 decade ranges.FREQUENCY SELECTOR: X1 - 2Hz to 200Hz X10 - 20Hz to 200Hz X100 - 200Hz to 2KHz X1K - 2KHz to 20KHz X10K - 20KHz to 200KHz AMPLITUDE CONTROL: Amplitude varies from (0 - 10)V Peak to Peak.FUNCTION SELECTOR: To select either sine wave or square wave. 4. CLOCK GENERATOR : It has TTL compatible clock generator of exactly 1Hz (One Second Signal) energising frequency counters. 5. POTENTIOMETERS like 1K, 5K, 10K, 50K, 100K, 470K are provided. 6. LAB BREAD BOARD SYSTEM trainer is provided with 2 bread boards to construct various circuit with the help of various inputs and outputs provided in this trainer. DIMENSION : 36.5cms x 28cms x 9.5cms WEIGHT: 750gms

Advanced Trainersmodel X6 Bread Board System

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