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Agropod Ed

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Brand Agropod ED
Place of Origin Germany
Keywords Polymer, Agropod Ed, Agropod ED, ALCHEMY SUBSTANCES, India
Category Chemicals > Polymer 
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AGROPOD is a highly cross-linked water insoluble superabsorbent anionic polymer that is partially neutralized with potassium. AGROPOD 500 is a copolymer containing acrylic acid, acrylamide and potassium. AGROPOD 660 is a homopolymer based on acrylic acid potassium. The latter does not contain any acrylamide. These soil conditioners are available as white, dry and solid granulate with different particle sizes and with excellent water absorption power.  Different particle sizes are used for application to different soil textures.




Upon contact with water, AGROPOD swells quickly, creating a hydrogel by absorbing and retaining large quantities of plant available water. After swelling to a hydrogel AGROPOD acts as a reservoir of water that is available to plants on demand. The higher water availability helps to avoid water stress during longer periods of drought. Fertilizer leaching can thus be reduced. During the soil drying process, both water and water-soluble nutrients are released to the plant in a uniform manner. During the water release phase of the hydrogel, free pore volume will be created within the soil, offering additional space for root growth and air and water infiltration and storage. AGROPOD also strongly resists soil pressure at high soil depth without losing its swelling capacity.




AGROPOD improves the water retention capacity, aeration balance and structure of soils, substrates and potting mixes. Consequently, water is stored in the root zone so that water and plant nutrient losses due to deep percolation and nutrient leaching can be avoided. In this way water and nutrients are available to the plant over a longer period of time.  This allows stronger and healthier plant growth also under hot and dry climate conditions and therefore increases the safety margin and yield potential in plant production.

AGROPOD is a technology for lasting improvement in the efficiency of water and soil management in agriculture and horticulture.




In plant and fruit production, water availability to the roots constitutes one of the major limiting factors of plant growth and crop productivity, especially in arid and semi arid regions, where drought is the most important biotic stress factor. Drought stress not only affects plant growth and yield quantity but also crop health and yield quality. AGROPOD added to soil and growing media acts as a water reservoir for optimum crop yield, and preserves and restores soil structure.


Seed-coating: AGROPOD improves seedling survival and establishment as well as early plant growth. Once germination has started, seed coating with AGROPOD can increase the amount of available water and oxygen, which are necessary for an efficient seed reserve mobilization into the seedling. This can create the best possible conditions during germination and crop establishment, especially when unreliable rainfall early in the season leads to drought stress.


Bare root-dipping: AGROPOD improves seedling survival and establishment. The transport of seedlings to the field and during transplanting is a very crucial time for bare-root transplants. Exposing the roots to direct sunlight and temperatures of 68 °F (+ 20 °C) for even 20 or 30 seconds will kill the fine root hairs that absorb water and nutrients. Root-dipping with AGROPOD keeps the fine root hairs from drying out so that seedling survival and fast establishment are ensured.




Outstanding water absorption capacity: Water absorption capacity of AGROPOD is determined by water quality and soil types. With distilled water even higher absorption capacities can be achieved. However, this is not relevant for soil application. Thus, water holding capacity in a soil or soil substrate varies around 70 – 120 times its weight.


Absorption capacity and quick rewetting ability after drying out: AGROPOD maintains its ability to continuously absorb and release water over a period of several years. A particular feature of AGROPOD is very quick rewetting ability, even after complete dehydration.


Soil run off and erosion control: AGROPOD reduces soil compaction and thereby increases the infiltration rate of water into the soil. If rainwater infiltrates the soil quickly, less water runs off and less top soil will be eroded.

Agropod Ed

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