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Ashoka Dp

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Model Number Tablets
Place of Origin Kanpur, India
Keywords Herbal Medicine, Ashoka Dp, GOLDWATER'S, GOLDWATER FORMULATION (INDIA), India
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No1 female tonic for 24yrs for MC Disorders, Painful Menses, Infertiltiy, Sterility, habitual abortion, Leucorrhoea, Clears face


Herbal, Harmless & Non-Hormonal Uterine tonic

Only for Ladies


Pain & Scanty Menses (Dysmenorrhoea)

largely effects young females, on or near puberty.

Excessive Menses (Menorrhagia)

Brings general weakness and loss of precious blood.


Scanty Menses (Oligomenorhoea)


Early Menses (Metrorrhagia)


Stopped Menses (Amennorea)


Delay in Onset of Puberty (Menarche)


White Vaginal Discharge (Leucorrhoea)

Excellent Supportive Medicine for Vaginal Discharges.


Infertility (Sterility)

The Anti-Inflammatory action of UDAMBAR, decreases pelvic inflammations and improves chances of conception. Many issue-less have been blessed with children.

Goldwater's Ashoka D.P. is prescribed by thousands of Doctors every day.

We give you the same product with low cost and no side effects.

Completely Non- Hormonal.



Since 24 years.

ASHOKA D.P. is our company's leading and most prestigious product. Largely prescribed all over India by the leading gynaecologists, for curing female disorders without any Hormonal Medicines.


Double Strength of Ashoka DP

Tones up the entire genital and Reproductive system of the Ladies. Excellent improvement in overall health. The lady gets a fresh Glow and a Sense of Well Being.




Avoid Oily, Fatty, Hot and Spicy meals.


Only Goldwater's DP ASHOKA contains UDAMBAR & ASHOKA combination.




is also a DIURETIC, STOMACHIC; CARMINATIVE & MILD LAXATIVE - Thus it relieves the abdominal pressure acting on the pelvic region.



Ashoka has been used since ages as a general beauty tonic for Ladies. The patient is rejuvenated, gets a feeling of well-being and a new lease of youthfulness.

Face gets CLEARED OF RASHES and BLACK SPOTS and she gets a fresh glow, radiance and beauty after the course.

ASHOKA DP is available in Syrup (210ml & 460ml) and also in Tablet (100 tablets / box)



Dose: 2 tabs 2 times a day.


COURSE: 3 MONTHS or 100 days

DOSE: To be taken half an hour after meals.

TABLET: 2 tablets twice daily with plain water.


Best Price for Tablets:

Price of 1 Box (100 tablets) : INR 231(incl. vat etc)


Cost of courier (to any destination in India) : Rs. 100 only

call CK Prasad at 9793344333

Ashoka Dp

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