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Address: Shubham Centre, B-wing, Chakala, Next to P & G Plaza, Andheri (E), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 400099
Country: [India]
Phone: - - 91-022-32549763
Mobile: - 9820807915
Fax: - - 91-022-28204295
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Ayurvedic Panchakarma Massage Therapy

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Brand Dhanwantri
Place of Origin Maharashtra, India
Keywords Herbal Medicine, Ayurvedic Panchakarma Massage Therapy, Dhanwantri, Dhanwantri Kerala Ayurved, India
Category Health & Medical > Herbal Medicine 
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People neglect early symptoms and postpone visiting a Doctor for a variety of real (lack of time) and non-real (fear of coming to grips with a problem) reasons.  Our body is constantly talking to us - yet many of us ignore its messages and suffer unnecessary illness as a result. One of the most tragic things about many serious health problems is that they are preventable. Many problems that start as small health issues the kind we all tend to ignore can turn serious if they go undetected and untreated. Small symptoms like bloodshot eyes, dry skin, thinning hair or even weak, brittle nails, constipation, allergies, aches can be early warnings that our system is under stress or we're experiencing a deficiency that could eventually damage our general health and wellbeing.

We at Dhanwantri Ayurved believe that learning to read the body's signs and treating them early, paves the way not just to better health but to a better life. Doctors can catch the things that you might dismiss as just mildly annoying but could really be putting your health at risk. Its common sense too: healthier people spend less money on healthcare as they age.

At Dhanwantri we offer a variety of health plans. Each one offers different options. Finding the right one depends on what you need. If routine care at a low price is important, a rejuvenating Abhyanga package might be right for you. If you need more specialized care, you might want something more deep rooted, like an individualized PANCHAKARMA programme or a DE-TOX therapy. To find the right plan consult our doctor and decide which plan will keep you the healthiest while meeting your budget.

Ayurvedic Panchakarma Massage Therapy

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