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Bed Covers

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Bed covers are a common Bed accessory in all the households now-a-days. In simple words, a bed cover can simply be defined as a decorative cover for the bed. Bed covers are somewhat similar to the huge blankets covered over the bed. When it comes to searching the best companion to any bed and bedroom, then there exist very few alternatives available to the bed covers. Bed covers bring class and sophistication to the bedroom. A Bed Cover is also used in place of a bed duvet in warm season.

One can easily shop for the different types of bed covers in the market. One's choice of bed cover usually depends on some factors like, how warm one wants to stay, type of bed one uses, amount of money one wish to spend, etc. Bed covers come in a spectrum of exquisite shapes, designs, colors, fabrics and sizes. Bed covers are also embroidered or adorned with various ornamental designs. Silk, cotton and satin are generally used in the production of bed covers.

Bedspreads are in use as a bed cover from a long long time. Bedspreads are thicker than the bed sheets and thinner than a blanket. Usually cotton, velvet etc are used in making of the bedspreads. Bedspreads are the perfect example of the excellent craftsmanship. A coverlet is a piece of cloth which covers the entire length of the bed, excluding the pillows. The coverlet is used on the bed, above the mattresses. Coverlets act as a decorative item and are easily searchable in spectrum of designs, patterns, colors and sizes.

A Bed Duvet is usually filled with feathers or down. Sometimes a combination of both i.e., the feathers and down is also used in a Bed Duvet. Better the quality of down used, more warmer and more lighter will be the bed duvet. As compared to the other types of Bed Duvets, Synthetic Bed Duvets are less inclined to crawl and chunk in the night. A Bed Duvet is usually more costly than a Coverlet, since purchasing a Duvet cover is almost mandatory with the Duvet.

A Bed Sheet is a large piece of cloth, rectangular in shape and used for covering the bed. A Bed Sheet generally resides below a comforter and above the mattress cover. The Bed Sheets are available in an exciting range of various colors and patterns. A Bed Cover is used to cover the bed and protect it from dust, along with making the room look more presentable.

Bed Covers

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