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Blowing Agent

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MIKROFINE ADC-21 is a chemical blowing agent based on Azodicarbonamide. It is useful in the processing temperature range of 155 0C - 175 0C for foaming rubber compounds particularly based on EPDM rubber. CHARACTERISTICS Chemical Compostion : Specially modified Azodicarbonnamide Physical Form : Pale Yellow Fine Powder Moisture Content : 0.2% max Solubility : Practically insoluble in water. Decomposition temperature in air (Capillary tube method) : 158 20C Gas Composition : Mainly nitrogen and carbon monooxide Gas/gram : 185 cc at STP SPECIAL FEATURES MIKROFINE ADC-21 does not get dissolved by the oils and plasticisers generally used in compounding. But due to its fine particles, MIKROFINE ADC-21 can be dispersed during processing if this process includes a milling operation or it can be also pre-mixed with appropriate oil or plasticier. Since the decomposition residue of MIKROFINE ADC-21 is nearly white, it can be used in production of light colored products. APPLICATIONS MIKROFINE ADC-21 is recommended for use in the production of microcellular rubber particularly EPDM rubber. in continuously extruded closed cell profiles for automotive door seals, low density refrigeration and air conditioning insulation. DOSAGE 0.5-3.0 PHR depending on the polymer used and extent of expansion required. STORAGE MIKROFINE ADC-21 should be stored in cool and dry place. away from all sources of heat. away from strong alkalies and acids with which it reacts. FLAMMABILITY MIKROFINE ADC-21 will burn only when exposed to flame. Thermal decomposition of MIKROFINE ADC-21 causes evolution of fumes resembling smoke. Large quantity of water should be used to fight fire. TOXICITY MIKROFINE ADC-21 is of low toxicity by skin contact and is mildly irritating to the eyes. Its decomposition residues are also of low toxicity. HANDLING Though MIKROFINE ADC-21 is substantially free from handling problems, care should be taken to prevent its contact with skin and eyes. It is necessary to avoid dusty conditions because of the possiblity of respiratory sensitisation. PACKING MIKROFINE ADC-21 packed in 25 kgs HDPE woven bags with polythene liners inside.

Blowing Agent

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