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Brain Care Capsules

Product Details:

Brand Pentavox Herbals
Place of Origin Punjab India
Keywords Healthcare Supplement, Brain Care Capsules, Pentavox Herbals, Pentavox Herbals, India
Category Health & Medical > Health Care Products >Healthcare Supplement
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Detailed Product Description

CEREBEX Capsules


The ultimate Nervine Tonic and a wonderful Memory Invigorator, developed after extensive researches from Ancient Indian Epics on Ayurveda. The Principle ingredients of Cerebex, belong to Medhya Rasayana (Brain Toning) of Rasayana group of Ayurvedic formulations.

Cerebex is a herbal-formulation developed from ancient Indian Ayurvedic epics, the ingredients of which have traditionally been used as a daily health food supplement to meet various deficiencies of routine diet that also act as a wonderful tonic for toning the Nervous System and normalising blood pressure, formulated so as to keep the functioning of the related systems at their optimum and improve nervous activities by ameliorating the system of transmission of impulses through complex networks of neurons. The properties of the complex ingredients of Cerebex have been found highly effective in decreasing the stressful acts on the nervous system thus decreasing the constriction of blood vessels considerably and relieving strain on heart & blood vessels besides augmenting the learning acquisition and memory retrieval and act as a safe day time tranquilizer by restoring the state of mental equilibrium. The compactly formulated Herbal Dietary Supplement, Cerebex Syrup/Capsules after being created with the help of researches from the ancient Indian Ayurvedic epics, has been tried extensively & tested massively by a team of specialists from various fields in various Clinics, Hospitals & Institutions.

Composition of Cerebex Capsules: Each 500 mg capsule contains:


Latin Name                      English Name           Part Used                       Quantity

Centella asiatica Indian       Pennywort                 Whole Plant                      75 mg

Convolvulus pluricaulis        Convolvulus                Whole Plant                      75 mg

Herpestis monniera            Gratiola                      Whole Plant                      75 mg

Withania somnifera             Winter Cherry             Radix,Folium                     75 mg

Benincasa hisipada            White Gourd               Melon Fructus Pulp            50 mg

Prunella vulgaris                 Prunella Flos,             Folium                               50 mg

Ocimum sanctum               Holy basil                   Folium                              25 mg

Celastrus panniculatus       Staff Tree Semen,        Folium                              25 mg

Salix caprea                      Willow bark                 Bark, Flos                         25 mg

Paeonia emodi                   Paeoney Rose            Radix                                25 mg


Dosage: 1-2 Capsules 2-3 times daily

Brain Care Capsules

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