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Brass Melting And Casting Furnace

Product Details:

Brand VEM
Place of Origin Uttar Pradesh India
Packaging Details Packed as loose fittings/ complete skid mounting units
Keywords Cast & Forged, Brass Melting And Casting Furnace, VEM, VEM INDUSTRIAL CONTROL, India
Category Minerals & Metallurgy > Cast & Forged 
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Detailed Product Description

These melting cum holding furnaces are best suited for the companies who are manufacturing cast components of brass and copper alloy components on regular production.Quality of cast components are of very high grade without rejection such as casting defects.

These furnaces are available in 70kw, 100, kw and 120 kw range. for casting of components up to 500 kg per hour bases throughout the operation period.


Data of furnace is given as under :

Furnace                                  100 kw

Chamber                                  two - one for melting and one for casting

Pot capacity                            1000-1250 kg

Casting rate                             400 kg per hour

Dry metal feeding                     continuos or intermittent

Metal loss                               less than 0.5%

Operation                                continnuos

Melting and casting cost          300 kwh/t

Furnace lining life                    12-18 months

Idle furnace power                    12 kwh

Casting operator                      6-8

These furnaces are replacement oil/gas fired pit type furnace and occupies almost same floor space as pit type furnaces. There is no pollution as pit type furnaces.

These furnaces can also be used as only melting furnace for copper and copper alloys. Further large casting such as billets or other can be done on saperate water ccoled mould. The liquid material can be poured out by hydraulic tilting of furnace.

For melting of brass power consumption is 230 kwh/t and for copper melting power consumption comes to 330 kwh /t.

Main Features

1. Low melting cost

2. Low metal burning loss

3. Uniform melt quality.

4. Better Churning of metal resulting very good alloying.

5. Longer furnace refractory life.

6. Vey low or almost nil maintenance cost as compared to core less induction furnace.

These  furnaces are installed by our engineers at site and handed over to the user after proving parameters.

Brass Melting And Casting Furnace

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