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Bulletproof Standard Glass

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Brand ACE Security Laminates India
Model Number 200 Series
Place of Origin Delhi India
Keywords Bullet Proof Vest, Bulletproof Standard Glass, ACE Security Laminates India, ACE Security Laminates India, India
Category Security & Protection > Police & Military Supplies >Bullet Proof Vest
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Buildings with unprotected glass windows and doors become easy targets during serious security threats.

If forcefully penetrated, vulnerable windows will shatter causing glass shards to soar like speeding bullets. Neglecting to take the proper safety precautions could take innocent lives and destroy valuable assets.

Comprehensive research and testing have made ACE the world's leader in the glass protection industry. ACE has designed a micro-thin multi-layer polyster security laminate that protects against a wide range of dangerous events such as gun fire, bomb blasts and chemical explosions.

ACE's security laminates when applied to 1/2-inch glass can resist the penetration of a .38 caliber, .9mm FMJ or even a .357. If the window shatters, the film's adhesive will hold the majority of broken glass fragments together providing additional time to escape danger.

When you reinforce your glass windows and doors, make the clear choice! Buy a transparent high grade security laminate that protects lives and property. It is a one-time investment that pays off.

ACE's 300 series security laminates are recommended for banks, embassies, government and military buildings, store front businesses, houses, apartments, vehicles, schools, hospitals and other institutions.


  • High level of fragmentation retention
  • Resistance to small arms fire
  • High-end bomb blast and explosive resistance
  • Protection during hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes


  • Apply to new or existing glass
  • Rejects up to 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays
  • Visually unobtrusive
  • Installation conducted by professional technicians

Bulletproof Standard Glass

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