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Rotary Rack Oven Simple Installation. Easy to keep clean & maintain. Automatic over pressure damper. Suitable for Breads, Buns, Rolls, French Breads, Biscuits & Cookies. Side mounted burner assembly for even heat distribution, better baking. Maximum temperature accuracy. Can be used to bake roast and grill. Very Economical, costs 1/4 of imported ovens. Smokeless operation. Standard or digital control panel with many functions. More productivity in less space. Rack ovens are available for baking 700 Breads of 400 gnns per hour & 90 trays of Biscuits, Cakes, Cookies, Rusks, Buns, Paties, Bread Rolls etc. every charge. Over 100 Diesel ovens in operation In electric oven 30,60,120 & 200 Breads of 400 grms per 30 Mins. Also available in double deck. Over 4500 electric ovens In operation. The diesel rotary rack oven is delivered ready for installation. The exterior of the oven is made of special steel. Oven chamber is made of heat resistance steel. Oven bottom and doors are made of heavy duty solid construction for long life time and is fitted with an internal light and a large inspection window on the door. Capacity : The oven chamber is designed for one rack. Maximum rack capacity is 880x4 pans of 400 gms bread and 90 Trays for cookies and other bakery products such as Sandwich Bread, Open Bread, Buns Patties, Cakes, Biscuits, Dry fruits & other allied Bakery products. Operation : The oven consists of fixed section accommodation for the heat and air circulating equipment. Removable racks are loaded into baking chamber. Rack when loaded is rotated inside baking chamber and hot air is circulated evenly to ensure proper baking at all levels. The duty circle is controlled by digital timer and temperature meters. After the cycle is over the rack is rolled out and rack which is pre-loaded is introduced. Once pre-determined baking time is over, audio and visual alarm indicates that the rack is ready to roll out. When door is opened hot air circulation automatically stops and at the same time rack stops rotating Rack type Diesel ovens are available for light diesel oil and high speed oil/ kerosene depending on the customer's requirement. SALIENT FEATURES: A Perfect baking: Even and constant temperature inside the baking chamber. Very Hign flexibility operation. Efficient and easy to use device for the rotation of the rack. Easy maintenance for better and long time operation. From Cold to 250 in 25 mts. : The baking temperature reaches from cold to 250? in just 30 minutes. Oven is exceptionally energy saving due to its outstanding insulation. Heat reflecting glass door and fan controlled hot air gives an absolutely uniform heat distribution throughout the baking chamber. Electronic Digital Instruments: The electronic digital instruments ensures a very precise temperature control for giving perfect baking for all time. Wheel in and wheel out patented suspension device for the rack: Simply open the door, take a full size rack and wheel it straight into the baking chamber, when the door is closed the suspended rack automatically starts rotating clock wise. Easy to keep clean and use: Following the traditional quality standard the front of rotary rack oven is entirely made of S. Steel 304, a close look into the oven reveals a very neat design making it simple to keep the oven clean. All service can be carried out from the front & top of the oven. Simple Installation: The oven is placed directly on a level floor with no special base. Assembly can be made without a break in production. Optional: Steaming system, Loading Platform, Greasing system, Diesel tank 150 liters capacity, Oil Filter, Necessary pipe line assembly, Spare trollies. ADVANTAGES: Variety of products are possible because batches are of reasonable sizes and duty cycle is fairly short. Labour of loading and unloading of sheets and moulds, keeping the door open is eliminated. While baking is in process loading of next batch is possible on other rack. Due to less heat loss fuel consumption is minimize. Cross flow of hot air circulation is synchronized with rotation of racks to ensure the evenness of baking. The oven is designed in such a manner that no foundation is required. Does not require skilled personal to operate the oven. Specification Rotary rack Diesel oven oil fired Model-NB-707-1 single rack capacity with Imported oil burner, autofire & photo cell system fitted. Maximum Tray Size 12" * 17" in two rows. Maximum No. Of Trays 90 trays Maximum No. of Bread mould capacity 88 * 4 pocket of 400 gms. Baking time for bread 28 Min for one rack for other item depends on the material. Appx. area covered by the oven Depth 8", Width 8", Height 10". Appx. Weight Volume 4000 Kg/588 Cu. Ft. Appx. Oil Consumption 5 to 6 Litres per 30 Minutes for 352 breads of 400 gms. Maximum Power Required 5 HPEM 440 VOLTS A.C. PHASE 220 V/AC is available on customer demand.

Bun Divider

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