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Cardicare Herb Medicine

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Place of Origin Karnataka, India
Production Capacity 2000 Piece/Pieces per Month  Per 
Packaging Details 60 capsules in a plastic containter ( Piece ), 60 caps x 60 pieces in a carton box of weight approx. 4Kg.
Keywords Herbal Medicine, Cardicare Herb Medicine, CARDICARE, Netaji Ayurvedic Research Centre, India
Category Health & Medical > Herbal Medicine 
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Detailed Product Description


What is Hypertension ?

Tension means pressure and Hyper means excess so inturn means " its the excess of pressure exerted on the wall of blood vessels by blood".


There are so many physiological and pathological causes . In short,

1.Primary (essential) - No obvious precipitating such as Heridity, Environmental such as stress etc, Large sodium intake, alcoholism, obesity smoking, strain etc.,

2. Secondary - some cause or precipitating factor such as renal disease endocrine disorders , cardiovasular and celebral disorders.

Symptoms :

1. If uncomplecated -No symptoms

2. Headache

Signs :

High noted pressure

Diastolic reedings

Mild-less than 100 Moderate -100-120

Severe -120-140 Gross- more than 140

Complications :

Heart Failure,Angina pectris,CerebrovascularAccidents, renal damage, Haemorrages. If the blood vessel wall is thickened due to any causes such as depositions of fat and cholesterol there is rise in Blood Pressure.

Management :

1.Correction of risk factor such as smoking, Alcholol, salt intake and obesity.

2. Drug Management through diuretics,beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, ACE inhibitors

According to ayurveda - Rakta Chapa is one of Hrudayavikara that is disorder of heart. Hrudaya is place of vyanavayu and sadakapitta. Due to viriatitions of these doshas there is irregularisationof movement of rakta. So to treat this kashaya rasa is the best drug,


Ayurveda considers rakta(BLOOD) as prana. Any veriation of these leads to threat to life. So the drug that always keeps Rakta(BLOOD) and its Stana Hrudaya in normal condition is Mahaprana.

How it works ?

It contains

1. Terminelia Arjuna- which has kashaya as pradana rasa and is having Hrudya prabhava. It acts as cardiotonic, regulator and stimunant and reduces oedema. To some extent acts as anticoagulant also.

2. Allium satavium (Rasona)-It is well known anti cholestrol drug, significantly reduces lipids and Cholestrol, reduces obesity by constant use

3. Terminelia chebula (Haritaki)- due to kashayarasa it is hrthbalakara and supports the action of two drugs and facilitates easy passage of stools.

Dosage :

One Capsule thrice daily.

Indication - Mild to moderate to Hypertension and as cardiotonic

Contra Indications

Pregnency and lactations.

Presentation & Price :

60 Capsules in a plastic bottles, Price $3 per bottle.

Cardicare Herb Medicine

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