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Ceftiofur Injection

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Detailed Product Description


Detailed Product Description

  YZ CEFUR Ceftiofur Sodium for Injection

APPEARANCE: Yzcefur is a white to yellow powder.

INDICATIONS: This product is a kind of antimicrobial agent and is mainly used in the treatments of infections in domestic fowls and animals caused by sensitive bacteria.

For chicken it is used in the prevention of early deaths caused by escherichia coli.

For pigs it is used in the treatment of respiratory diseases (swine bacterial pneumonia) caused by actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, pasteurella multocida, salmonella cholerasuis, streptococcus suis and etc., intestinal infections caused by escherichia coli and early desths in baby pigs caused by bacteria.

For cattle it is used in treatment of foul feet & podogram caused by fusobacterium necrophorum or melanin-producing bacteroids, respiratory diseases caused by pseudomonas aeruginosa, pasteurella multocida or hemophilus somnus and uteritis after labor or mastitis in milk cows caused by clostridium, gram negative anaerobe or purulent bacteria. It is also used in cows in stages of lactation.

USAGE AND DOSE: Dissolve every bottle of this product in 10 ml special diluting agent.

Pigs: Intramuscular injection, 0.61ml(3050mg)/10kg body weight, once daily for 3 successive days.

Cattle: Intramuscular injection, 12ml(50100mg)/50kg body weight, once daily for 3 successive days.

Chicken: Dissolve this product with vaccine diluting solution or sterile water for injection to 1000ml and administer 0.2ml0.1mg of this solution by hypodermic injection at the neck with syringes with No. 26 needles or other proper auto injectors. It can also be co-administered with Mareks vaccine with no impacts on the potency of Mareks vaccine.

NOTICES: The color of this product might be changed from white like to yellow brown. The change of color has no effects on the potency of this product.

This product can be stored for 12 hours at room temperature, for 7 days at 28 and for 8 weeks if frozen with no changes in potency and physical or chemical properties. Thaw the frozen product with flowing lukewarm water before use. Moderately stir to speed up the process. It can also be thawed at room temperature. This product can only be frozen and thawed for once.



PACKAGE: 4 bottles/box

STORAGE: Tightly sealed and store in a cold place protecting from light.



Ceftiofur Injection

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