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home products Centifuged Latex (Cenex)

Centifuged Latex (Cenex)

Product Details:

Brand GDG
Place of Origin Tamil Nadu India
Production Capacity 1000 Ton/Tons per Month  Per 
Packaging Details Barrels
Keywords Latex Rubber, Centifuged Latex (Cenex), GDG, Gem De Grande (GDG Commodities International), India
Category Rubber & Plastics > Rubber Raw Materials >Latex Rubber
Payment Terms L/C,T/T

Detailed Product Description

Our Rubber estates are in the states of Kerala and Tamilnadu (South India) which have the highest yields of latex in India



 The milky white latex collected in the cups and transferred to a vessel, the dried up latex on the tapping panel (tree lace), the dried latex in the cup (shell scrap) and latex spilt on the ground (earth scrap) all form the produce for processing.  Normally milky latex accounts for 80-90 % and the remaining consists of the other three types.  Milky latex is processed into preserved latex, latex concentrate, dried ribbed sheet rubber, dry crepe rubber and dry technically specified block rubber.   The other 3 types of produce is processed only into crepe or block rubber. 



The field latex is processed for storage by adding preservative like ammonia.  The oldest and simplest method of processing rubber is by coagulating the latex  in suitable containers into thick slabs of coagulum.  These slabs of coagulam are subjected to sheeting by passing them through a set of smooth rollers followed by a grooved set of rollers.  The sheets thus obtained are then dried.  Depending upon the drying method sheet rubber is classified as ribbed smoked sheet and air dried sheet.  The completely dried sheets are removed to the packing shed where they are carefully inspected and graded according to the standards prescribed.  There are six standard grades of ribbed smoked sheets viz.RSS  IX, RSS 1, RSS 2, RSS 3, RSS 4, RSS 5.  The major part of natural rubber production is in sheet form. The coagulated latex and scrapped rubber is converted into crepe rubber by passing it a number of times through a minimum of 3 mills with heavy rolls.  The crinkly lace like rubber obtained thus is air dried.  There are different types of crepe rubber depending on the type of starting material from which they are made. 

Centifuged Latex (Cenex)

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