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Ceramould (Ip)

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Place of Origin Chhattisgarh India
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Detailed Product Description

ACTIVATED CERAMOULD                                                            


( For Moulding Process in Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Foundry )


Specially formulated Sand for foundry moulds & core


Product Characteristic & Standard of Major Technology Parameter

CERAMOULD is a kind of new artificial Foundry sand that is Spherical-shaped, high heat-resistant, low heat dilating rate. CERAMOULD has advantage of cost and Performance than Cromite sand and zircon sand that provide the effective ways to increase improve the quality of the foundry, cost-down and less damage to the environment. It is the best selection to put the CERAMOULD into use in the field foundry and has good vision of development ,they can replace zircon sand, chromites sand and other sand in the field foundry.



 Major chemical element and physical parameter

1.  Main Chemical element:

     Al2O3≥ 45% , Fe3O4≤40%, Tio2 ≤5%, SiO2: 5-20%, 

2. Shape: Normally Spherical Shape

3. Angle Factor: ≤ 1.1, very close to sphere shape 

4. Bulk Density: 1.95-2.05 (g/cm3)

5. Refractoriness: ≥1690

6.Thermal expansion : 0.14%(10 minutes at 1000°C)


B. CERAMOULD Features namely advantages as follows

1.      Round solid Spherical shape: The shape is mostly close to spherical shape with smooth surface and lower specific surface area. And CERAMOULD has very good air permeability good liquidity and easy to fill that can make the surface perfect when founded. Furthermore, CERAMOULD can flow very easily and easy to clean. The less felting liquid can be used than other sand when using CERAMOULD

2. Lower thermal expansion rate and thermal conductivity: It is the characteristic that makes the foundry more precisely, less cracking and high output.

3. Lower cleavage breakage rate: CERAMOULD has high density and has very low cleavage breakage rate. Easily reclaimed that makes it more environmental friendly for with less dust.

4. High refractoriness and service temperature: Major element is Al2Othat has very good refractoriness. The service temperature is beyond 1790°C / 1690°C that can make it possible to found most of the metal fares..


C. CERAMOULD  Major Particle Sizes:

The specification can be designed according customer’s specific requirement.

Size : 35 Mesh to 300 Mesh



      CERAMOULD (IP) 50 % Silica Sand + 50 % CERAMOULD (IP )




 Triethy lamine cold resin cores

 Alkaline phenolic resin

 Sodium silicate(water glass)





Ceramould (Ip)

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