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home products Chemical Earthing / Grounding Materials, Lightening Arresters,

Chemical Earthing / Grounding Materials, Lightening Arresters,

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Model Number TG 10S
Place of Origin United States
Keywords Other Electrical Equipment, Chemical Earthing / Grounding Materials, Lightening Arresters,, ALLTEC, HI-TECH MARKETING AGENCIES, India
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TerraDyne Electrolytic Grounding

System is a multipurpose Maintenance Free

Long life Stable Grounding system. It was

designed to provide an earth reference point

with lowest possible ohm value independent

of soil type, moisture content, soil temperature

and frequency short circuit currents. longterm

protection from lightning, electrical

transients, static discharges, electro-magnetic

interference, and other electrical hazards.

This system may be used in any type of soil

condition for virtually any application where

the protection of machinery, electronics, and

personnel is important. Some of the many

applications where it is commonly used

include cellular, broadcasting, computer

facilities, power substations, medical facilities

and industrial sites.

TerraDyne Electrolytic

Grounding Systems are

guaranteed for 30

years stable and maintenance free


, with an expected life of 50 years.

Environmentally friendly backfill

TerraFill TF


provides efficient long lasting and

maintenance free earth pits even when used

with conventional earthing electrodes of

Copper, G.I. or Copper Cladded material in

any shape or size. It helps in improving the

system efficiency up to 63% from normal

conditions of operation. They have a capacity

to absorb and retain water13 times its dry


The PUF Insulated knocked down panels for

Telecom shelters

,with choices of

VERTILOCK or CAM LOCK inter locking

facility, are available in any customized size

with various skin choices. Panel thickness of

50 & 100mm is used with VERTILOCK

mechanism while CAM LOCK is available in

60 & 80mm thickness.

Phase change Materials

PCM are hydrated

salts that have large amount of heat energy

stored in the form of Latent Heat which is

absorbed or released when the material

change state from solid to liquid or vice versa.

HS 29

is one such product for telecom

application extending the thermal

management of a telecom site for temp.

Control around 29 degree C in the absence of

Air con operation and providing a high value

energy saving supplement. Salts are provided

in rectangular HDPE extruded profiles.


is an innovation to Charge

Redistribution Systems. They are custom

designed to ionize the atmosphere releasing

the electrons to the ground system to

neutralize the proton charge built on the

surface of the protected site thus preventing

direct lightning strikes. This process also

reduces overall facility charge concentrations,

and eliminates risks of any flash or fire and

even induced voltage effects. The product is


strongly recommended for use in Oil &

Gas Sector , areas/buildings storing

Explosives and Sensitive Diagnostic

medical Equipment


, the ESE terminals are

designed for wide area protection against

lightning for Telecom applications, Buildings,

Industries, Amusement parks and all areas

where avoidance of flash and fire is not



Transient Voltage Surge Suppression

Devices TVSS a

re available in complete

range for protection on Power , Data and

Telephone lines. Power line protection

devices are available both in Box mountings

and Din Rail mounting. The box mounting

devices are integrated Class B & C protectors

having complete four route protections i.e.

L_L, L_N, L_E and N_E. The Din Rail

products have replaceable module facility.

Chemical Earthing / Grounding Materials, Lightening Arresters,

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