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Chemika Chlorine Tablets

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Product Description




CHEMIKA CHLORINE TABLETS are cost effective and easy to use. The tablets are based on chlorinated isocyanurates to provide consistent chlorine delivery.



*       Continuous chlorine delivery

*       Small, compact chlorine storage

*       Control algae and bacteria

*       Cost-effective

*       Stronger oxidizer than bromine

*       Can be used for shock dosing also



Misconceptions about chlorine in Cooling Water Systems


Issue: Is Chlorine effective against Legionella in Cooling water at elevated ph?

Answer: Chlorine serves an important role in control and remediation of Legionella pneuomophilia in cooling water systems

Issue: Is Chlorine less effective than Bromine at elevated pH values?

Answer: Chlorine is a stronger oxidizer than Bromine at all pH levels, making it more effective in the control of organic contaminants at a substantially lower cost.

Issue: Will CHEMIKA chlorine tablets increase TDS, alkalinity, or Calcium in cooling tower systems?

Answer: CHEMIKA tablets do not increase TDS, system alkalinity, or calcium. The tablets have a scale inhibitor blended in that inhibits scale precipitation.








Sodium Hypochlorite


Easy to handle, no spills

Spill and leak concerns

Ease of use

Easy-to-add tablets, only one person needed

Hard to maneuver, heavy drums or lots of carboys

Chlorine strength

Consistent strength, small change over one year

Significant loss in one week


100 tablets & 250 tablets packs are easy to stack. No separate room required

Drums or bulk tanks require extra space and secondary requirement


Handling, Storage and Precautions


Shelf life of CHEMIKA Chlorine tablets is over 2 year (looses only 10% of chlorine content over 12 months). Avoid contact with skin. In case of contact, wash with fresh water. Do not swallow.



CHEMIKA CHLORINE TABLETS are available in packs of 100 tablets and 250 tablets

Chemika Chlorine Tablets

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