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Clean Agents Fire Extinguisher

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Clean Agents Fire Extinguisher

For Many Years, Companies with critical processes and irreplaceable items used various fire extinguishers to help protect their assets. But these fire extinguishers were a threat to the earth's protective ozone layer. it became the task of the fire protection industries to quickly find a replacement. The new agent needed to have the ability to rapidly extinguish a fire and be safe to operate in occupied areas, and most importantly to be environment friendly. The answer to all this was Freeze Fire Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher.
Freeze Fire Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers are effective on Class A, B, and C fires and do not conduct electricity back to user. it acts to extinguish a fire by cooling and smothering the fore, without any thermal shock. Freeze Fire extinguishers have low global warming (or ozone depletion) potential.

Freeze Fire clean agent fire extinguish ants are safe for people, electrically nonconductive, non corrosive and free of residue. Unlike Hal on, they do not contain chlorine or bromine and therefore have zero ozone depletion potential (ODP). They can be used in new applications or replace other agents in existing system with minimal modifications. What's more, they require less agents to extinguish a fire, making them more cost effective.
Freeze Fire clean agents is discharged as a stream of gas and liquid droplets the combustion process through heat absorption and a chemical interaction, providing an increased effective fire fighting range.


1 Kg, 2Kg, 4 Kg, and 6 Kg. (As per IS-15683)

Also available Fire Automatic Modular Type clean Agent Fire Extinguisher in sizes 2 Kg.,
4 Kgs and 6 Kg.


Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)

Low Global Warming Potential (GWP)

Environmentally Safe

Electrically Non -Conductive

Colorless and Odorless

Rapidly Evaporating Liquid (leaves no residue)

Cost Effective Extinguishing Agent

User Friendly (low in toxicity)

Good Visibility during discharge(does not impair operator's vision)

Areas Of Application:

Computer/Server Rooms

Telecommunication Facilities

Data Storage Areas

Offices (for protection of sensitive electronic equipments)

Boats & Vehicles

Irreplaceable Document and Art Storage Rooms




Bank ATM centers

Clean Agents Fire Extinguisher

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