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home products Coir Pith Block (5Kg)

Coir Pith Block (5Kg)

Product Details:

Brand Coco peat
Place of Origin Tamil Nadu India
Production Capacity 100 Ton/Tons per Month  Per 
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Keywords Garden Pots & Planters, Coir Pith Block (5Kg), Coco peat, Sri Coco Peats, India
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Detailed Product Description


Coco peat is a multi purpose growing medium. Coco peat is good for potting, seedling, golf green Constructors and gardening. Coconut coir is the outside layer of husk surrounds the shell of the coconut. It consists mainly of fibres, which have traditionally been used to manufacturer Ropes, Carpets, Door mats, Upholstery stuffings, Brushes for cleaning etc., During the defibring the fibre from the husk, a corky substance is a derivative called coir pith or coir dust (Coco Peat), which has recently been widely recognized as a superior (Alternative) Growing media and rooting media applied in horticulture, floriculture and vegetable plants.


This Coir Pith is further processed to the requirement of the application and compacted into blocks for reducing the transportation cost and marketed. Most of the non-coconut available areas in globe such as Europe, USA, Australia etc., are expecting these products from Coconut available and processing countries like India, Srilanka etc.,

Salient Features of Coco Peat:


·        Coco peat is very good soil conditioner

·        Excellent porosity

·        Good water retention (Water holding capacity up to 6-7 times of water)

·        Better irrigation efficiency

·        Odourless

·        Consistent and Uniform in Texture

·        It makes a great bedding material for worm bins! Its actually good for them and increases  worm growth by 25%

·        Contains air porosity and it helps the plant to have strong roots

·        Holds and released nutrients in solution over extended period without re-watering

·        Faster germination and quicker seedling ovation

·        Degrades slower than many of the rivals

·        Free from soil diseases

·        Has got great oxygenation properties which helps for healthy root development

·        Resistant of bacterial and fungal growth

·        Environmentally preferable to the alternative

·        Free from weeds, seeds and toxins

·        Economical

·        Organic

·        User friendly

·        Renewable resources

·        At the requirements of higher air filled porosity and lower water holding capacity. Ideal for growing crops in cooler seasons.


Standard Sizes:


·        30cms x 30cms x 10cms 12cms              :  5Kgs Block

Note: (Any special specifications can be made against request & requirements)


Application of Coco peat:


·              It can be used for Gardening as a moisture retainer and soil ameliorant.

·              It can be used as water absorbents, which later can be placed around plants enabling them to    


·              It is an excellent growing medium by adding water and right mix of fertilizers

·              It is used for cultivating a variety of crops, highly suitable for crops like strawberries

·              It provides better aeration and enhances strong & healthy root growth

·              It is good in conditioning the farm soil for retention of moisture for mulching

·              It is a receptacle for slow release of added nutrients to the crop. So plants require least attention

·              It is a substrate for floriculture and horticulture crops

·              It is a soil conditioner/improver

·              It serves as a rooting media

·              It is good for golf courses and nursery poly bags

·              It is used as potting mix

Coir Pith Block (5Kg)

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