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Compact Sands Plant

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Brand CDE
Model Number EvoWASH
Place of Origin West Bengal India
Keywords Other Construction Material Making Machinery, Compact Sands Plant, CDE, CDE Asia Limited, India
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Detailed Product Description

Established as the most advanced sand washing machine in the UK, the latest model sand and mineral washing EvoWASH Compact Plants from CDE offer the proven efficiencies of their predecessors with increased ease of transport and installation.

Each Compact Plant is a combination of three central elements:
Sump and pump
Dewatering Screen

CDE were the first UK company to offer this configuration and although others have imitated the general arrangement none have matched the units industry leading performance and quality.  The current model is the result of consistent research and development and includes many unique design features.  Our practical experience in specifying and operating these systems across a wide range of feed types and operating conditions is unparalleled, meaning we know the best set up to achieve your own specific needs.  CDE plants are consistently chosen for applications where alternatives would struggle to perform; from low grade clay-bound materials to quarry dust and recycled aggregates.

The CDE Compact Sands Plant is most typically used in sand washing applications where the operator wishes to accurately remove low density or small particle contaminants from a natural or crushed rock raw sand feed.  The most frequent requirement is the removal of filler or waste fines, usually smaller than 0.075mm (75 microns).  Most current material specifications require the minus 75 micron fraction of a washed sand to be reduced to a maximum of 4 or 5%.  By specifying our modular unit to your precise needs we can meet this requirement across many feed types.

The best known feature of the Compact Plant is this ability to recover quality fines that would be lost by a dewatering wheel or traditional alternative.  A custom-specified hydrocyclone lies at the heart of each unit. It is this element, coupled with a high-performance pump, which achieves the high levels of fines separation consistence and accuracy that make the system highly appealing to a broad range of users.

By eliminating fines loss to the settlement lagoons or water treatment system a CDE Compact Plant greatly improves site management whilst increasing commercial productivity.  In a normal 75 micron separation application the silt separation accuracy can be expressed as follows;

d95=75 micron i.e. no more than 5% of the solids in the wash water (overflow) will be of a particle size greater than 75 micron.  NB this is a conservative rating, in practice this figure is often less than 2%. In many dewatering / bucket wheel applications we regularly find this figure to be between 20 and 40%.  We further guarantee that virtually no particles over 90 microns will be present in the waste water.

We realise that we are not alone in quoting these performance figures.  What is worth noting is that we give the 75 micron figure as an example only.  Unlike many other suppliers we can set the silt separation point to suit your individual needs; be that a d95 of 20 micron, 110 micron, or anywhere in between.  This gives CDE customers an unrivalled degree of versatility in addressing changing processing needs.

CDE offer a wide range of modular components offering you plant genuinely built for your specific needs.  A good example is where a raw material shows more than 22% silt content.  Systems which only give the material a single pass of a cyclone cannot efficiently reduce the final silt content to less than 5% as required as cyclones can only operate efficiently within a certain range of material densities and dynamics.  To achieve the required low silt content it is possible to separate the fines at a higher cut-point, for example 90 microns.  The downside to this straightforward approach is that good quality material between 75 micron and 90 micron will be lost with the waste.  In such instances CDE is the only UK company that can offer custom-specified systems with dual or multiple cyclones to achieve the clean and consistent outputs you demand.  The alternative is basic off-the-shelf equipment designed for typical applications which will never deliver the grade required. When we specify your Compact Plant we can choose from more cyclone sizes, more pump sizes, more motor sizes, and more dewatering screen sizes that any of our main competitors.

A further impressive feature is the exceptionally dry sand output achieved.  Whilst this will vary according to the grade of sand a moisture content of <12% is normal.  Some of our installations are currently achieving ~9% m.c.  The advantages are clear; shorter lead time to market and a much cleaner (and safer) site.  Its worth noting that these are genuine averages, not best case scenarios as frequently quoted elsewhere.

The Model Range

Three series (incorporating 10 core models plus Dual and Multi-Sands Variants) of Compact Plants are currently offered to accommodate a broad range of feed types and tonnages from 20tph to 250tph.

CDE offer more than 75 customised variants to suit individual feed materials or output requirements; including multi-cyclone models.  These are particularly suited to applications requiring very low cut-points of silt; typically down to 40 micron.  Separation points of 20 micron can be achieved with specialised cyclone cluster versions.

Quality components are a key factor in the performance and reliability offered by each CDE Compact Sands Plant.  Extensive use is made of hot-vulcanised natural rubber as a lining for pipes and our modular hydrocyclones.  Where flexible pipes are used they are of high-end sand slurry specific design; considerably more expensive than the simple wire bound rubber commonly found elsewhere.  Rubber lined Warman heavy-duty slurry pumps are fitted as standard and these are always sized to operate within their optimum curve.  (If a pump is overloaded by only 10% its life can be reduced by 50%).  A unique polyurethane pump protection panel is fitted at the base of the sump to protect the pump from large particles or foreign objects.

CDEs dewatering screens are the most advanced and most highly tested currently available.  These come fitted with modular Tema-Isenmann polyurethane panels and side liners.  These are without question the best modules currently available in terms of efficiency, performance and longevity.  Each plant is supplied complete with fully galvanised walkways with handrails, kick flats and stairs.  Plants are supplied with motors and all necessary isolators pre-wired to the on-board control panel.

Compact Sands Plant

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