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Compressor Tester

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Compressor Tester at IMTC is used for testing the compression which exists in the cylinder of the diesel Engines. The construction of the tester is of precision nature. It has got a gauge of 80 mm Die and gives reading both in kg/cm² as well as in lb/inch². Its measuring range is 0-70 kg/cm² & 0-1000 lb/inch². The pressure reading remains between gauge & air regulator is opened by turning the hand wheel. The pressure is taken at the thread of the glow plug or the opening for the injection nozzle, the decompression valve or the ignition Plug. The successful working of the diesel Engine is hindered by the various reasons. Each reason accounts for the high consumption & poor automotive rating of the engine. Some reasons are listed as: 1. There exists leakage in the valve seat, valve spring is broken. 2. The valves are sticking and thus not working properly. 3. The valve does not close when the engine gets hot because of the insufficient value clearance. 4. The gaskets are damaged. 5The liners of the cylinder are corroded & worn-out. 6. The piston rings are loosened.When the measurement of the compression existing in the cylinder of the engine is done by the compression tester; it yields a complete data regarding the high consumption & poor automotive ratings of the engine. High oil consumption is usually caused by the leakage in the cylinder of the engine because of the insufficient sealing, damaged gaskets or the leakage in valve seats. This can easily be detected by low compression. The result of the test gives a clear idea regarding the condition of the engine thus avoiding unnecessary dismantling which is very expensive and the costly job for the detection of the repairing or not. And if the engine requires the repairing, it yields the information regarding the possible places of faults.

Compressor Tester

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