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Constant Pipe Support

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Detailed Product Description

The supporting mechanism comprises a coil spring connected to a centrally pivoted lever by tension rods. The load is attached to the other end of the lever by a hanger rod.

The force of the load acting at one end of the lever creates a turning moment produced by the spring force acting at the other end of the lever.The Radcoflex constant support is designed so that these moments are always equal and opposite.

Size Range

Constant hangers are made in two basic designs – Figure 81H (Horizontal design) and the figure 80V (Vertical design). Combined, the 81H and 80V constant supports are made in 110 different sizes to accommodate travels from 40 to 500mm and loads from 0.12 to 403.5 KN.

Design Features
 Because of exclusive geometric design, mathematically perfect constancy of support is maintained throughout the full range of travel.
 Compactness – the provision of horizontal & vertical configuration minimizes installation space.
 Each support is individually calibrated to the customer's specified load. 
 All constant support have a wide range of load adjustability.
 Provision for hanger rod to swing up to 6° from the vertical.

Constant Pipe Support


The Radcoflex constant support system has a mathematically perfect design which ensures that the pipe will have continuous controlled support through its entire deflection range.



Types Of Constant Pipe Support 

Figure 81 H (Horizontal):

 Type A support is designed for attaching to a structural member by screwing two rods into tapped holes in the top of the frame of the support.
 Type B is furnished with two lugs- one at each end of the support frame. These lugs permit the attachment of the support to the building structure using welded beam attachment
 Type C is furnished with four lugs, one pair of lugs at each end of frame of the support. These lugs permit the attachment of the support to the building structure.
 Type D may be bolted directly under structural steel.
 Type E enables the support to be bolted on top of the structural steel

Constant Pipe Support

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