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Coordinate Measuring Machine

Product Details:

Brand Wenzel
Model Number LH65
Place of Origin Germany
Keywords Auto Production Line Equipment, Coordinate Measuring Machine, Wenzel, Prime Technologies, India
Category Automobiles & Motorcycles > Vehicle Equipment >Auto Production Line Equipment
Payment Terms L/C

Detailed Product Description




1.High quality - long lasting stability


 · In-house production of all strategic components·

   All axes constructed from the same material in order to guarantee

structural stability and uniformity in temperature induced structural variations.

 Long Lasting Stability with Low Temperature Expansion Coefficient·

 Bellow protections for the X and Y axes, fully protected central carriage·

 High accuracy without software error compensation

2. Fine materials and superior workmanship


·Hand Polished Stress and Corrosion Free,

Antimagnetic Fine Grain Native Black Granite

·Easily repairable components. Unlike steel, aluminum and ceramic,

which have to be completely replaced 

·Extra thick worktable for higher system stability with high grade surface finish

·Crossbeam and ram in hollow native black granite for higher stability and reduced mass

3  Active vibration dampeners


·Dampening of horizontal and vertical vibration waves for reliable measurement results  · Cost savings derived from the elimination of costly isolated foundations for flexible shopfloor installations

·Levelling capability to ± 10 mm even in cases where weights are unevenly distributed·      Standard on all LH Models from 10.8 to 20.15 


4.Air Bearings


·Self cleaning and wear free ensure extremely smooth operation, individually selected for Very High Accuracy (1 mm)· 

 Low air supply requirements

·Extreme distance between bearings (greater than slant bridge on model to model comparison), large pads and minimal micrometric lift-off greatly reduce structural stiffness and torsions

·Strategically placed spring mounted air bearings to counterbalance temperature deformations and air supply fluctuations


·Air bearings located on all four guideway sides for high accuracy in combination with high dynamics


· X axis guideway directly integrated in the worktable for higher accuracy

5. High powered drive system


·  DC Servomotors on all axes

·  Friction and/or belt drive transmission, depending on models, with collision protection on all axes

·  Custom toothed belts or threadless bars on vibration and play free isolating devices·      Speed and acceleration vectorial control to achieve maximum velocity and accuracy performance· 

 Selectable motion control parameters

6.  Unrivaled central carriage design


·     Specially designed central carriage to uniformly distribute the weight

 and driving system of the ram

· Extreme distance between bearings (greater than slant bridge on

 model to model comparison) greatly reduce structural stiffness and torsions

· Pneumatic cylinder counterbalance of the Z axis ram

 7. Renishaw scale & encoder system


· High accuracy, elasticised gold plated steel, measurement scales on all axes

· 0,5 mm encoder resolution through interpolation (0,1 mm upon request)

·The mounting strategy and thermal characteristics of the scale insure

 a submicron, linear, hysteresis and creep free,

 reaction to temperature induced effects

·The scales, guideways and air bearings are protected by bellows

 against temperature variations and airborne particles

  8 .  Wide range of bridge sections


          X: 500, 650, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500

          Y: from 600 to 4000 (special upon request)

          Z: 400, 500, 700, 800, 1000, 1200


VDI/VDE Accuracies from:

          U1 = (1,5 + L/500) mm

          U3 = (2 + L/450) mm


Standard, High, mStar and Special

          Accuracies available upon request


Axial Speeds from: 400 mm/s

          Axial Accelerations from: 1500 mm/s2

Recommended Temperature Range:      

          20°C +/-2°C     1°C/h     1°C/m

   9.Unbeatable physical characteristics























Ceramic (Al2O3)










Coordinate Measuring Machine

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