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Degreasing Chemicals

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Brand Everclean,ultraclean
Place of Origin Tamil Nadu India
Production Capacity 10 Ton/Tons per Day  Per 
Keywords Paint & Coating, Degreasing Chemicals, Everclean,ultraclean, AVUDAI SURFACE TREATMENTS PVT LTD, India
Category Chemicals > Paint & Coating 
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Detailed Product Description


                          Degreasing is essential to many industrial processes, as a prelude to surface finishing or to protect sensitive components. Degreasing includes removal of oil soils, grease and lubricating .Our degreasing chemical is effective in removing all the above said things. We have wide range of degreasing products.

i). EVERCLEAN- Alkaline type degreaser


                                           Everclean products are   very effective in removing all oil contents in the metal surface.  Alkaline type degreaser is very effective in removing 100% oil content when compared to other type of degreaser. Alkaline type degreaser able to convert insoluble fatty acid to soluble fatty acids and hence it is more effective than other type of degreaser. Different types of alkaline degreaser

Ø     Degreaser for both spray and dip mode of application

Ø     heavy duty and light duty degreaser for both dip and spray mode of application

Ø     Ambient and hot temperature degreaser

Ø     Alkaline degreaser for both ferrous and non-ferrous components

Ø     Non-etching, non-caustic and non-silicate alkaline degreaser

ii) EVERSOLVE Emulsion type degreaser


                                           Eversolve is an emulsion type metal cleaner specially formulated to effectively clean oils and soils from aluminium, iron, zinc, steel and casting surface without undesirable consequence. Eversolve does not produce corrosive fumes and pungent smell. Different types of emulsion type degreaser

Ø     Emulsion type degreaser for aluminium, MS components and casting


Ø     Emulsion degreaser cum Desmuting for aluminium surface

Ø     Degreaser for both dip and spray mode of application.

iii)   ATLAS- Solvent type degreaser


                                                        Atlas is a solvent type degreaser to clean Grease and oil from metal surface. It was developed to provide super strength cleaning and degreasing power for ferrous and non ferrous components while protecting the user and the environment   by eliminating the use of perchloro ethylene, trichloro ethylene and benezene.

Ø      Degreaser for both dip and spray mode of application.

Ø      water soluble solvent type chemical

iv) ULTRACLEAN- Ultrasonic cleaner

                                                 Ultraclean removes oil and grease from steel, stainless steel, magnesium and nickel. It removes superficial impurities in the metal surface.  Ultrasonic cleaners are faster and   more consistent than any other cleaning product.

Ø      acidic based ultrasonic cleaner

Ø      solvent based ultrasonic cleaner


                       Cleanol removes oil, dirt, soil, dust from concrete floor, machine surface, etc

Degreasing Chemicals

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