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Diaphragm Digital Control Valves

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Diaphragm Digital Control Valve is an electrically actuated,hydraulically operated multi-function control valve. It can be used forlocal as well as remote controlled batching operations with electronicbatch controller. The valve also offers an in-built flow governingfunction.


  • Precision multi-stage opening & closing..
  • Fail-safe design.
  • Low Pressure Drop.
  • Bubble-tight seat design.
  • Flow Rate Control.


TheDigital Control Valve basically consists of a diaphragm operated mainvalve & two solenoid valves. Normally open (NO) solenoid connectsthe valve cover chamber to the upstream pressure, whereas normallyclosed (NC) solenoid connects the valve cover chamber to the downstream pressure. The operation of the valve is simple & isexplained below. The total batch quantity delivered & controlledthrough the valve is divided into 7 stages for the purpose ofconvenience.

Initially both NO & NCsolenoid valves are in de-energised condition. The NO valve applieshigh upstream pressure on the diaphragm, whereas the NC valve preventsthis pressure from getting drained to the downstream side. The valveremains closed as a result of this.

Both NO & NC solenoids are energised. NO valve now restricts thehigh upstream pressure from entering into the cover chamber. NC valvepermits the pressure above the diaphragm to vent to the low downstreampressure. This creates a differential pressure across the diaphragm,the high upstream pressure acting from below the diaphragm opens themain valve & allows the flow to start through the valve.

As the flow rate reaches a predefined value (set in the batchcontroller as "Low Flow Start") the NC valve is de-energised. Thisprevents further draining of the chamber & locks the valve at thisflow rate. Initial delivery at slow speed avoids splashing of product& also avoids the generation of static charge.

When a sufficient quantity is delivered at the slow speed, the NCsolenoid is energised again. This allows further draining of thechamber & hence increases the flow.

When the flow reaches to the maximum level (sent in the batchcontroller), the NC solenoid is de-energised. This maintains theconstant high flow rate for the remaining batch. During this stage, theflow rate control is done by the batch controller. When a number ofFlow Meters are connected to the same pump, stopping (or starting) oneor more Meters increases (or decreases) the flow rate at the remainingMeters. When the flow rate increases, the solenoid is energisedmomentarily. This allows slight draining of the chamber & allowsthe valve to open further in order to maintain the set flow rate.

At the end of the batch, the NO solenoid is de-energised. This injectshigh upstream pressure into the cover chamber & throttles the valve.

When the valve throttles sufficiently to achieve a predefined slowclosing flow rate (set in the batch controller), the NO solenoid isenergised. This maintains uniform flow rate.

When the batch quantity is delivered, the NO solenoid is de-energised.(NC solenoid is already de-energised). This applies high upstreampressure into the cover chamber, which makes the main valve to closecompletely to achieve bubble-tight shut-off.

NoteThe number of stages during opening & closing are programmed in thebatch controller & can be as many as desired. One stage duringopening & two during closing are recommended.


  • Road Tanker & Rail Wagon gantry filling.
  • Custody Transfer & Inventory Control
  • Batching, Blending & Dispensing in petroleum, petro-chemical & process control industries.


Valve Body

  • Cast Steel ASTM A 216 WCB.

Valve Cover

  • Cast Steel ASTM A 216 WCB.

Internal Parts

  • Stainless Steel AISI 304.


  • Stainless Steel AISI 304.

Rubber Parts

  • Nitrile (standard).
  • Viton (optional).

Solenoid Valves

  • Stainless Steel AISI 304.

Control Tubing & Pipe Fittings

  • Stainless Steel AISI 304.



  • Electrically actuated, hydraulically operated.


  • 80 mm.
Flow Range
  • 1500 LPM maximum.

End Connections

  • ASA 150 RF.
Maximum working pressure
  • 10.54 kg/cm2.
  • Up to 70o C (standard).
Solenoid Operating Voltage
  • 230 Volts AC, 50 Hz.
  • Downstream of Flow Meter.

Diaphragm Digital Control Valves

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