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home products Digital Air Velocity Meter/ Digital Anemometer

Digital Air Velocity Meter/ Digital Anemometer

Product Details:

Brand Lutron/ Kusam Meco/ Meco/ Vartech/ ...
Model Number AM-4200, AM-4204HA, AM-4205A, AM-...
Place of Origin Madhya Pradesh India
Keywords Speed Measuring Instruments, Digital Air Velocity Meter/ Digital Anemometer, Lutron/ Kusam Meco/ Meco/ Vartech/ ..., i-Zone, India
Category Measurement & Analysis Instruments > Physical Measuring Instruments >Speed Measuring Instruments
Payment Terms L/C,Cash

Detailed Product Description

Anemometers can be divided into two classes: those that measure the wind's speed, and those that measure the wind's pressure; but as there is a close connection between the pressure and the speed, an anemometer designed for one will give information about both.

1 Velocity anemometers

1.1 Cup anemometers

1.2 Windmill anemometers

1.3 Hot-wire anemometers

1.4 Laser Doppler anemometers

1.5 Sonic anemometers

1.6 Ping-pong ball anemometers

2 Pressure anemometers

2.1 Plate anemometers

2.2 Tube anemometers

2.3 Effect of density on measurements


ABH-4224, AH-4223, AM-4100G, AM-4207SD, AM-4214SD, AM-4222, LM-8100, LM-8102, AM-4201, AM-4202, AM-4203, AM-4204, AM-4205A, AM-4206, AM-4206M, AM-4213, AM-4216, ABH-4225, AM-4203HA, AM-4204HA, EM-9100, YK-80AM, YK-80AP, YK-80AS, YK-2001TM, YK-200PAL, YK-200PAM, YK-200PAS, AM-4220, AM-4221, LM-8000, LM-8010, LM-81AM, LM-81AT, AM-4200, AM-4210, EM-9000, EM-9200, HD-200PAL, SL-4112, YK-2004AH, YK-2005AH, YK-2005AM, MY-81AP, LM-8020G

METRAVI BRAND MOODEL : AVM-02, AVM-04, AVM-05, AVM-06, AVM-07, AVM-08, AVM-09, AVM-10

Digital Air Velocity Meter/ Digital Anemometer

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