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Digital And Analogue Communication Trainer(Model-X15)

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LAB Analogue / Digital Communication Trainer is a versatile instrument which includes all important principles of Digital Modulation Techniques. This trainer is designed on a Single Printed Circuit Board using the most modern Computer Aided Design (CAD) LAB Analogue / Digital communication Trainer is a universal "ALL IN ONE" trainer, complete with built-in power supplies, signal sources and associated components. It combines all these instruments - which, if purchased separately, would cost many times more - into one cost-effective teaching tool. Our Analog / Digital communication trainer gives students access to specially prewired experiments that bring their life the concepts of Digital Communication. This trainer is tough, durable, all inclusive and relevant to the "Knowledge Revolution" in modern Analogue and Digital Communications. This trainer comes with built-in necessary signal sources and power supplies. Terminals are provided for observing output wave forms with the help of C.R.O Circuit Diagram for each block is screen printed in multi-colour for easy understanding. This trainer comes with detailed step-by-step Instruction Manual. Accessories Required 20 MHz Dual Trace Oscilloscope - Any make. Signal Source This trainer comes with RF Signal Generator. Power It is operated on 230VAC/50Hz A.C. mains Housing It is housed in an elegant metal cabinet.

Digital And Analogue Communication Trainer(Model-X15)

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