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Digital Taxi Fare Meter

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Detailed Product Description

PRICOL a leading manufacturer of Automotive accessories and instruments in India,
proudly introduces the Microcontroller based Digital Fare meter with an integrated
thermal printer
for fitment on all Taxis to compute the travel fare accurately as per prevailing RTA rules.

The many features the product has facilitates convenience to the passengers, drivers /owners.The digital fare meter simultaneously displays the distance covered along with the corresponding fare journeying, the waiting time and the corresponding increment in the fare when the taxi is waiting.

During vacant mode, real time is displayed in the lower display. Unique Tamper
proofing is provided on the rear panel of the unit.Non-Volatile memory ensures retention of
data even if the battery is disconnected.Apart from computing and displaying the fare and
waiting time, Model ET-120 also indicates date, total kilometers traveled, total trip distance,total fare, total no. of trips, daily total distance and daily total fare.

It also sports an integrated thermal printer which can print the bills with taxi logo, festival messages and greetings.


The electronic unit gets the necessary signals for computing the above mentioned data from a
specially designed Magnetic Reed sensor.One end of the sensor is mounted on the gear box and the other end is connected to the Speedo cable.The unit features provision for easy installation and operation.

For easy access of the driver , the Digital Fare Meter is mounted on the left of the dash board panel.A manually operated FOR HIRE indication (optional) is provided on the electronic unit to indicate if the taxi is hired or vacant.

APPROVALS : The Dept. of Legal Metrology and the Automotive Research Association of India have approved the Digital Fare Meters model 10R Series and ET-120.

WARRANTY : The Digital Fare Meter comes with one year warranty against all manufacturing
defects and workmanship.




Compact Design with Easy user interface with illuminated buttons (only 3)
Fare based on distance and Time
Clear Screen with 10 LED Display
RS232 interface for printer/Hand held programmer
Options for having company LOGO, TAXINAME, Taxi Number, Phone Number in Printout
Compact Thermal printer for Trip, Cumulative, Daily &Monthly Business and Shift Printout
Real Time Clock Display
Flexible to adapt future Fare change
High security features to avoid tampering of Set Fare Data
Record Display of Distance,Trip,Fare, Time
Shift Start and End can be set either by Mobile Communication Terminal (MCT) or by Keys
Call jobs can be activated by MCT


Operating Voltage : 10V to 16V
Maximum Current :
Display ON : 140mA
Operating Temperature : -20C to +80 C
Printer : Thermal printer
Serial Communication : RS 232 12V Std
Display :
5 Digits 7 seg Red LED (1/2) for Fare, Functional menu
5 Digits 7 seg for RED LED (1/4) for Distance, time, Functional values

Types of Modes :

Vacant mode
Hired mode
Stop mode / Print mode

Types of Switches : Operation Key (Hired / Freeze / Vacant)

Function Key (Main Menu / Increment)
Enter Key (Print / Submenu)
Minimum Fare When Hired : As per RTA
Fare on Minimum Distance : As per RTA
Subsequent Fare : As per RTA
Minimum Waiting Fare : As per RTA
Subsequent Waiting Fare : As per RTA
Setting Available : Calendar, Time
Sensor : Reed switch Sensor
No: of Pulses / Revolution : 2 Pulses



Operating Voltage: 4.2V to 8.5 V
Maximum current: <1A
Temperature:0 to 50 oC
No: of Dots/line: 384
Character specification; 16x16
Out of paper detection: Photo interrupter
Paper width; 58mm
Print Width: 48mm
Resolution: 8dots/mm
Print speed: 75mm/sec
Paper type: PD150R, PD160R-N(manufactured by OJI Paper Co.)
LOGO, Festival messages printing capable

Digital Taxi Fare Meter

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