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Direct Rotary Drills

Product Details:

Brand LMP
Model Number DR1500
Place of Origin India
Production Capacity 1500 Piece/Pieces per Year  Per 
Keywords Other Mining Machinery, Direct Rotary Drills, LMP, LMP Precision, India
Category Machinery > Mining Machinery >Other Mining Machinery
Payment Terms T/T

Detailed Product Description

    8 [203mm] holes upto 1500 Ft [457Mts] directly using 2.7/8 [73mm] OD Drill Pipes.
    8 [203mm] 10 [254mm] holes upto 1500 Ft [457mts] directly using 3.1/2 [88.9mm] OD Drill pipes.
    Larger size holes for various depths by reaming.

    26400 lbs [12000 Kgs.] by using Single sheave Traveling Block
    4400 lbs  [20000 Kgs.] by using Double sheave Traveling Block.

    Heavy Duty Tubular Steel Construction Electric welded
    42 Ft [12.8 mts] high above Ground Level during drilling
    70000 lbs [31818 Kgs] Gross Load capacity
    5 Sheaves + 1 catline sheave
    Raised and lowered by two hydraulic cylinders with safety check valves.

    Rotary Type as integral unit with Draw works and Hydraulic pull down. 
    Opening 3 [76.2 mm] / 3.1/2 [88.9 mm] /4.1/2 [114.3 mm)
    Hydraulic Retraction 21 [533.4mm]
    Disc, Type Friction Clutch. 

    Shaft mounted provided on the right side of the drill head.

    16,000 lbs [7272 Kgs] pull down through twin hydraulic cylinders having 30 [762mm] stroke.

    Hoisting and sand reel drum having bare drum single line pull of 15000 lbs [6818 Kgs] each.
    Barrel dia x length each drum 7 [178mm] x 10.3/8 [263.5mm]
    High leverage Mechanical type Brakes, Single/Double on drums
    Chain Driven with multiple Disc Friction clutch.

`PRECISION Model S-200 8 [203mm] x 6 [152mm] or `S 150 6 (152mm) x 5 1/2 (139.7mm) positive displacement Duplex Double action Mud pump with interchangeable liners as per operational requirements having wider choice of discharge/pressure. V Belts/Chain Drive

Longer Mast
    Choice of Mud Pumps
    Choice of Hydraulic pumps
    41/8 (104.77mm) OD Kelly
    Hydraulic Breakout System
    Air clutches
    Diesel generating set for lighting
    DTH attachments for drilling by DTH method
    Casing drum
    Hydraulic leveling jacks
    Chain pull down having stroke length of 20 feet.

Direct Rotary Drills

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