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home products Dongil Escon (Made In Korea) Raw Edge Cogged Belts

Dongil Escon (Made In Korea) Raw Edge Cogged Belts

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Brand DONGIL ESCON Industrial Raw Edge Co...
Place of Origin South Korea
Keywords Rubber Belts, Dongil Escon (Made In Korea) Raw Edge Cogged Belts, DONGIL ESCON Industrial Raw Edge Co..., Indo Global Engineering Company, India
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DONGIL ESCON - Industrial Raw Edge Cogged Belts:



V Belt with cogged shaped gooves on the bottom to enhance flexibility while top and bottom parts are covered with rubber fabric and exposed on sides.

1.  Top Fabric:  Protects internal tension member.  Resists heat, oil and wear with excellent flexibility.

2.  Tension Member:  pecially treated low stretch and high stength polyester cable cords that provide great resistance to beinding fatigue and stability of belt length.

3.  Compression Rubber:  Specially compounded rubber with fibres that keeps stability of the normal cross section of the belt on pulleys, providing longer service life.

4.  Bottom Rubber:  Absorbs shock with excellent flexibility and provides great resistance to cracking of the compression rubber.

Cross         Nominal Top       Nominal        Angle    Belt Length Range

Section       Width               Thickness      (Deg)     Inside Length

                     (mm)                (mm)                          (inches)

AX                13                      8                36             20-100

BX                17                    11                36             35-100

CX                22                    14                36             51-100





Raw Edge Cogged Belts:

Efficiency and life of cogged belts has been so over whelmingly attractive that these belts are fast replacing other types of belts in the class of applications for which these are suitable.

The design of coggs reduces the bending resistance significantly therby enabling use of Pulleys with smaller dia i.e. upto 20% less than used with conventional V-Belts for same type of application.

In addition decreased bending resistance reduces mechanical losses during bending, leading to improved power transmission and lower working temperatures.

Heat dissipation is further increased due to coggs including turbulence in surrounding air resulting in a swirling action which enhances cooling because of which pulleys and bearing run cooler.

The traction properties and transverse rigidity are improved because base of the Raw Edge Belt is filled with anisotropically oriented fibre filled composite.

Beacause of above facts cogged belts run on surface speed upto 35 m/sec.

These belts give MORE LIFE AND MORE POWER TRANSMISSION because of better grip, less slippage and almost two to three times the life of conventional V-belts thereby eliminating unwanted  breakdowns for smooth running of plant.

1.  Efficiency:  Cogged belts transmit higher power and are more efficient than conventional V-Belts.

2.  Flexibility:  Because of their construction these belts can be used on pulley Dia smaller than recommended for conventional V-Belts.

3.  Cool Running:  These belts run cool due to better heat dissipation.

4.  Bottom Rubber:  Dongil Escon Industrial Cogged Belts come with bottom rubber made from Chloroprene Rubber, which absorbs shock and provides great resistance to cracking of the compression rubber.

Dongil Escon (Made In Korea) Raw Edge Cogged Belts

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