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Dough Rounder

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Dough Rounder: This machine is designed with a rotating cone and spiral aluminum tracks around it. The rounder will round the dough pieces after dividing, enables to handle soft and non standard dough for automatic operation. The rounder can be connected to a dough divider and to a first proover. Operation: The divider machine will divide the dough into pieces as per size in unequal shape and the same will drop into the rounder machine through cotton conveyor of the divider. The dough pieces moves from bottom to top in the tracks that are designed to give the finished pieces a good shape with right tension. After rounding the dough it will automatically step out to reach the first proover. Construction: The cone has ridges and the aluminum tracks are adjustable. Built in blower with cold air prevents the piece from sticking. All moving parts have ball bearings and the machine has castor for transportation. The machine is covered from all sides for safety precautions to avoid any type of accidents. This machine requires very little space and no foundation is required. Features: Completely enclosed base Adjustable rounding tracks Mechanised flour duster Rounds perfect and improves the texture of finished products Rounding time can be fixed Maintenance free Can be operated by unskilled labour Weight range from 400 to 800 gms. ON/OFF switch &. line indicator in the front of the machine SPECIFICATIONS CAPACITY 1800 Loaves Per Hour MOTOR 3 HPEM 440 V/AC WEIGHT 750 Kg (Approx.) DIMENSIONS 48" Length, 48" Width, 55" Height

Dough Rounder

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