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Dowsing Rod-Brass-Pair

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Brand Plus Value
Model Number PVI-512
Place of Origin Maharashtra India
Keywords Metal Crafts, Dowsing Rod-Brass-Pair, Plus Value, Jeavin, India
Category Gifts & Crafts > Metal Crafts 
Payment Terms Bank trf

Detailed Product Description

Instructions on how to use dowsing rods

In working with the metal rods, it is important to hold them correctly to enable you to pick up marginal changes. One or two rods may be used - for general dowsing, two rods is preferred. Taking the short end of the rod(s), rest it over your first three fingers, sit the pointed end of the rod on your little finger and use the thumb to stabilise the rod at the back. Curl your fingers around the rod and it should now point out with the long end (the right angle to the piece in your hand) pointing away from you. This is the most effective way for holding a dowsing rod of this type. The thumb is actually unnecessary as the rod should balance just on the fingers, however the thumb gives a little stability so you do not drop it as easily. Make sure the thumb is just resting on the rod and not holding it, as any force here could prevent the rod from moving freely. Naturally the copper rods are too large to be held in this way. Gently grasp them in a clenched fist.


Dowsing for Questions

You can ask your rods to cross in front of you to provide a "No" answer and open up around you for a "Yes" answer. In this manner you can ask many questions by gently walking with your rods, accessing your subconscious and setting yourself free of ties that may bind you or hold you back from your true potential.


Dowsing Rod-Brass-Pair

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