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Dust Suppression System (Dry Fog)

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Dry Fog Dust control Systems have been in operation worldwide. CSS make dual fluid (air and water) atomizing nozzles control virtually all breathable and fugitive dust.


The "Dry Fog" Dust Control System works on the principle of agglomeration. The Dust particles released from a Material Handling/Processing Plant which become air borne are made to pass through a blanket of extremely fine Fog. The dust particles and the Micronics size Fog droplets collide and adhere to each other, thus increasing their mass. After a series of such collisions, even the breathable and fugitive dust ranging from 1 to 800 microns mass agglomerates to become heavier enough to settle. The lower capital, operating and maintenance cost compared to De-dusting Bag House System made it popular in the industries. Easy installation in existing plants.
In most cases, the system can be installed while the plant operates at full capacity.
No major plant modifications are required for installation of the system.
Water addition to the process is as low as 0.1% of the weight of the material being handled.
No requirement of Chemical. 


  • Low capital cost
  • Low water pressure; no booster pumps required
  • Meets health and safety regulations
  • Uses plant compressed air
  • No expensive chemicals required
  • Water addition to process is less than 0.1%
  • Low maintenance
  • No expensive modifications required to existing plants
  • Common Applications
  • Primary and Secondary Crushing and Screening
  • Conveyor transfer points
  • Loading facilities: docks, silos and terminals
  • Hoppers, feeders and bins 
  • Common Industries
  • Cement ,Lime Aggregate ,Metallurgical and Mining & Incineration.

Dust Suppression System (Dry Fog)

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