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Dust Supression Chemicals

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Dust Supression Chemicals


Specific industries face a lot of problems due to the very nature of mineral extraction in coal handling plants of power houses, cement plants etc. Dust is also generated at haul roads and such other areas where movement of vehicular traffic is frequent.

Plain Water Spraying - A Limited Solution

The dust menace in the mines, coal-ore handling plants and loading- unloading points has so far been dealt with, basically, by water spraying- be it cutting or drilling in coal-ore or suppressing dust at coal- ore handling plant and haul roads. But water spraying has its limitations.

Limitation of Plain Water Spraying

Water does not really wet and bind coal dust, just carries it away by the flow of water. Once water dries up, the dust is back in its new locations to renew health hazard. In haul roads, it creates mud, which sticks to the undercarriage of all vehicles, creating maintenance problems and high level of wear and tear. It requires enormous quantity of water in the dust management of a mine.

It washes away fine coal-ore resulting in losses.

Advantages of spraying DUSCON

  Research over the years, has now made it possible to produce the materials which along with water can yield very good results
  An ideal solution will be to eliminate the above limitations of plain water- spraying while retaining all its advantages
  The surface tension of water is reduced significantly. As a result water penetrates into dust effectively and actually wets it
  The quantity of water required along with DUSCON Suppressants for a particular type of dust is substantially less
  In case of haul roads, the DUSCON Product Suppressants for a particular type of dust and compacts it on the road surface. Only periodical topping up-retreatment is needed to maintain required results


Application Areas

Mine Roads, Crushing, Coal handling plants, Loading points, Cement plants, Quarries, Stone crushers etc. Mines producing Coal, Zinc, Silica, Iron Ore, Limestone, Copper Ores, Power houses

Solubility in water

Completely water soluble

Basic Function


Reduces surface tension of water and effectively wets the coal- Ore up to the finest particles of dust. When the solution dries up, the coal ore dust remains stuck to the larger pieces of coal-ore and does not get air borne.

Safety Characteristics


- Non-toxic
- Non Inflammable
- Harmless
- Non- Explosive

Application Process


DUSCON can be mixed with plain water in a ratio of 1:1000 to 1:2000 for application, depending upon the nature of the coal-ore dust. The product can either be added in water tank ( in prescribed quantum) Feeding to the spraying system of the mine or handling plant, or it can be injected into water line by a flow operated pump



Meets statutory requirement of dust suppression
Reduces air-borne dust and leads to improved working environment
Reduces maintenance cost
Improves productivity
Lesser consumption of water
Ease of application
Indefinite Shelf life


Application Areas

All open cast mines, Vehicle movement areas, Stockpiles, OB dumps etc. (Haul roads, Coal/ore stockyards, High traffic roads, Slopes of reclaimed dumps.)

Solubility in water

Completely water soluble

Basic Function

Suppression of road - dust and compaction of the same on the top of road surface, Suppression and compaction of dust at the top surface and slopes of OB drums etc.

Safety Characteristics
- Non-Toxic
- Non Inflammable
- Harmless
- Non- Explosive


- Meets statutory and Environmental requirements
- Virtually makes a Kachcha haul road dust- free for a long period
- Dust - free road improves visibility for normal high speed driving
- Reductions in wear and tear of vehicles and mobile equipments
- Reduction in consumption of water
- Improved environmental conditions resulting in higher productivity
- Direct financial gain due to lesser cost of application per square meter of surface. Also saving the soiling cost of roads

It can be seen from the above that application of these products not only ensures dust control as required by the mining and environmental laws but in doing so effectively, it may ensure higher productivity and economy of operations.

In the light of the above advantages, more and more Mining projects, Power Houses, Cement Plants, Steel Plants etc. are going in for these products as a TOTAL SOLUTION TO DUST PROBLEMS.

DUSCON Suppressant for Flyash

Coal fly ash,s use and disposal is receiving greater and greater attention of public, Government and Thermal Power Plants in the interest of economy and environment.

DUSCON is mixed with water in the ratio of 1:1000 depending upon the texture and particle size of the coal fly ash. It avoids excess use of water. The ash is made just wet with water containing DUSCON . The fly ash is now ready for dump with considerable ease into the truck for tranportation and/or storage.

Our trained staff and engineers, would explain and train officials, responsible for cheap and effective disposal of coal fly ash. It may be highlighted that DUSCON Ash control is economical and effective product produced first time in India.

Dust Supression Chemicals

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