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Ecogold Npk

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Brand Eco gold NPK
Place of Origin India
Keywords Fertilizer, Ecogold Npk, Eco gold NPK, paks agro divison, India
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A unique liquid organic formulation to supplement/ subsitute NPK Nutrients for various crops this formulation is made availabel for easily & readily absorbable form ans also to take care of Bio Enzymatic conversion of proteins for better & healthcare crop growth.

Eco gold organic NPK  is a supplement/ subsitute for chemical / inorganic fertilizrs.



Amino nitrogen          N: 3.5-4% w/v

chelted phosphorus    P: 40.% w/v

organic potahs           K:-40.%w/v


organic Liquid fillers :- qs

     ( Organic Based)

This liquid formulation is essentialy applied for fertigation ( or) Folior applications.



*Completely Bio-degradable & Txin free.

*Scientifically tested and proved beneficial.

*Increases flowering, pod formation & yeild.

*Prevents and correts Nutrients deficiency.

*Bio-Enzymatic conversion of proteins.

*Can be mixed with all commonly used pesticides.

*Harvest a profitable yield for farmers.

*Confirmed results under various filed conditions in all agro-climatic zones.






Ecogold Npk

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