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Electronic Ballast

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Place of Origin India
Production Capacity 10 containers of 20'  Per 
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Detailed Product Description

JHUNTRON A rising Brand to offer you the maintenance free lighting equipments


FIVESTAR INDUSTRIES, A twenty-five year old group,  with a vision of providing better solutions for healthy lighting equipments. the people responsible for development have proved the superiority of product and this have resulted the association of major lighting companies of India for superior technology and product.


Being confident of providing better products and a regular improvement in the quality supported us to start manufacture of JHUNTRON, make Electro-Magnetic and Electronic Ballasts.


Passing all required parameters and quality control levels, we are now ready with products suitable to international market. The developments include a teller made product as well, which have always given a better response towards the big multinationals that normally go for their own brands wherever manufactured.


We always look forward to a better opportunity to explode the quality and product.


Youre any requirement for Electro-magnetic or Electronic Ballasts are welcome.



Rahul Jhunjhunwala

Chief Executive


Our Product  ELECTRONIC BALLAST (CHOKE)  / Power Saver is an exact replacement for the Magnetic copper choke used for 40 watt tube light Choke.

  • This Electronic Choke has lot of advantages compared to Magnetic copper choke.

Advantages of Electronic Choke:

  •  Power Saving up to 48%
  • Operates even at fluctuating voltages from 90V to 300V AC
  • No Starter Required
  • Instant glow with no flickering increases Tube life
  • No heat generated - Thus no blackening of walls
  • No Humming noise generated
  • Power Factor Adjusts load on Transformer / inverter /  Generator
  • Easy installation and same size as normal choke
  • Repairable and Re-usable incase of Malfunctioning
  • Guaranteed for 1-Year

Useful for :

  1.  All Homes / Offices / Restaurants / Shops etc.. To drastically cut down Power bills.
  2. Remote areas / Rural places where low voltage is always a problem
  3. Places where Tube lights are used for more than 8 hours a day to save maximum power. 

FACTS regarding Disadvantages of Magnetic Copper Choke used for 40mm  (dia)- 4feet - 40W Fluorescent Tube:


·         With local quality cheap magnetic copper choke , the total power consumed is not 40 w but roughly 55 watts.

·         This normal choke consumes about 1 unit of electricity when used for 18 hours.

·         Electronic Choke consumes same 1 unit of electricity when used for 33 hours.


·         Copper choke used in Tube Light System wastes almost 15 watts of electrical power & Generates Heat that blackens your expensive decorative walls which needs frequent re-painting.  


·         Tube Lights with Copper Chokes start with several flickering when switched on initially.

·         Due to nature of its design, copper chokes develop an annoying buzz sound after several months of use, which can be quite irritating and causes headaches.

·         Electronic Choke/Ballast starts instantly with soft glow without causing starting flickers and does not produce any annoying Hum sound due to solid state electronic circuit design .



·         Voltage Fluctuations occur very frequently in our country.

·         Tube Light with Copper Choke fail to ignite below 200volts and could easily damage Tube when voltage goes beyond 250 volts.

·         Electronic Chokes work with very low voltage of 100 volts and can withstand voltages as high as 300 volts.


·         The excess heat generated by the copper choke puts additional load on your room air conditioner, as it would be required to remove this heat from the environment.

Return & Warranty Policies :

     This product has a Guarantee for a period of 18 Months against any manufacturing defects.

     Returns on Defective and/or Damaged items :

Defective Items that are returned will be tested and if :

1) Found defective         : Buyer will be shipped a new replacement unit immediately,
2) Found not defective  : Item will be sent back to buyer

     Buyer will have to send the product to us at his own cost.  We will courier replacement at our cost. Items returned must be in like new condition with all original hardware, manuals & accessories.

     Any item returned that shows improper use, improper handling or physical damage; missing manuals, parts and accessories will be returned back to buyer.

     Defective or damaged items must be reported immediately within 4 days of receiving item. Any item to be returned for Replacement must be received within 10 days of receiving item in your hand.

     WARRANTY will become void if broken or if product gets damaged due to improper usage.

Electronic Ballast

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