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Address: M-91, Greater Kailash, Part-1, NEW Delhi, Delhi, India, 110048
Country: [India]
Phone: - - 91-011-9310856182
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Essential &Amp; Aroma Oils

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Brand Happy Living
Place of Origin India
Keywords Carrier Oil, Essential &Amp; Aroma Oils, Happy Living, VAASTU HAPPY LIVING, India
Category Beauty & Personal Care > Skin Care >Carrier Oil
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Happy Living Essential & Aroma Oils occupy a good percentage of international market exports. Natural , best in quality and at most competitive prices we serve top niche clients manufacturing world class cosmetics, perfumes, spas etc.

Essential Oils & Aroma Oils we provide:

Ajowan Oil
Amber Oil From Tree
Angelica Root Oil
Anise Oil
Aniseed Oil
Basil Oil
Bay leaf Essential Oil
Benzoin Pure
Bergamot Mint
Bergamot Pure Essential Oil
Betel Leaf Oil
Black Pepper Pure Essential Oil
Cajuput Pure Essential Oil
Calamus Root Oil
Camphor Oil
Caraway Oil
Cardamom Oil 
Carrot Seed Pure Essential Oil
Cassia Oil
Cedarwood Oil Himalayan Rectified
Celery Seed Oil
Chamomile(Blue)Pure Essential Oil
Chamomile(Roman)Pure Essential Oil
Cinnamon Leaf Pure Essential Oil
Citronella Oil
Clary Sage Pure Essential Oil
Clove Bud Oil
Coriander Seed Pure Essential Oil
Costus Root Oil
Cubeb Oil
Cumin Pure Essential Oil
Cypress Pure Essential Oil
Davana Oil
Dill Seed Pure Essential Oil
Elemi Pure Essential Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Fennel Sweet Oil
Franginpani Essential Oil
Frankincense Pure Essential Oil
Galangal Oil
Gardenia Essential Oil
Geranium Oil
Ginger CO2
Ginger Oil
Gingergrass Oil
Grape Fruit Pure Essential Oil
Gurjun Balsam Oil
Honeysuckle Essential Oil
Hydacheium Oil (Kapoor Kuchari)
Hyssop Pure Essential Oil
Jasmine Essential Oil
Laurel Leaf Oil
Lavandin Oil Grasso
Lavender Oil
Lavendin Alititude Essential Oil
Lemon Grass Oil
Lemon Oil
Lime Essential Oil
Litsea Cubeba (May Chang) Essential Oil
Mandarin Essential Oil
Marjoram Essential Oil
Melissa Essential Oil
Menthol Oil
Mugwort Essential Oil
Nar Kachoor
Neroli Essential Oil
Niaouli Essential Oil
Nutmeg Essential Oil
Orange Sweet Oil
Palmarosa Oil
Patchouli Oil
Peppermint Oil
Peru Balsam Oil
Pimento Berry Essential Oil
Pine Needle Oil
Rose De Mai
Rose Geranium Oil
Rosemary Essential Oil
Rosewood Oil (Rose De Bois)
Sage Essential Oil
Sandalwood Oil
Spearmint Oil
Spikenard Oil
Sugandh Kokila Oil
Sugandh Mantri
Tagetes Oil
Tangerine Essential Oil
Tea Tree Oil
Thyme Oil
Turmeric Oil
Valerian Root Oil
Vetiver Oil
Jasmine Absolute Oil

Natural Indian Attars

Amber Attar
Attar Hina
Bakul Attar
Bakhoor Attar
Black Musk Attar
Blue Lotus Attar
Chameli Attar
Champa Attar
Choya Loban Attar
Choya Ral Attar
Dehnul Oud Attar
Frangipani Attar
Gul Henna Attar
Goldmohar Attar
Har Sringar Attar
Hina 555 Attar
Hina Ambari Attar
Hina Attar
Hina Musky Attar
Hina Oudhi Attar
Hina Zafrani Attar
Honey Suckle Attar
Indian Kadamb Attar
Indian Lotus Attar
Islamic Bakhur Attar
Jasmine Attar
Jasmine Grandiflorum Attar
Jasmine Sambac Attar
Juhi Attar
Kamal Attar
Kasturi Hina Attar
Kesar Attar Saffron
Kewra Attar Attar of Kewra Flower
Khus Attar Indian Vetivert
Loban Attar
Majmua 96+ Attar (Green)
Mitti Attar
Misk Gazala Attar
Mogra Attar
Motia Attar
Moulsree Attar
Mukhallat Attar
Musk Amber
Musk Attar
Musk Gazala Attar
Nag Champa Attar
Nakh Choya Attar
Narcissus Attar
Osmanthus Attar
Oudh Attar Aasam  India Henna
Pink Lotus Attar
Raat Raani Attar
Rajnigandha Attar
Rooh-Al-Oudh Attar
Rose Attar
Sandal Musk Attar
Sandalwood Attar
Shamama Attar
Shamama J P Attar
Shamama No. 320 Attar
Shamama No. 640 Attar
Shamama No. 960 Attar
Shamama Shahi Attar
Shamama-Tul-Amber Attar
Sontaka Attar
White Lotus Attar
Zafran Attar (Kesar)  (Saffron)
Zafri Attar  (Mari Gold/Genda Attar)

100% Pure Organic Natural Cold Pressed Carrier Oils
Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil
Carrot Tissue Infused Oil
Coconut Carrier Oil
Evening Primrose Carrier Oil
Grapeseed Carrier Oil
Jojoba Carrier Oil
Neem Carrier Oil
Peach Kernel Carrier Oil
Peanut Carrier Oil
Pecan Nut Carrier Oil
Rosehip Carrier Oil
Sweet Almond Carrier Oil
Sweet Cherry Kernel Carrier Oil
Wheatgerm Carrier Oil

With all kinds of spice oils, young living oils etc. For details mail us.

Essential &Amp; Aroma Oils

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