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Fabricated Mica Parts

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We are one of the leading mica parts manufacturers, suppliers located in India geared in presenting an eternal range of fabricated mica parts & mica fabricated parts as per the clients specifications.Fabricated Mica Parts :- Natural mica is available in flat sheet, its can be cut, stamped or punched to customers specified size, shape, thickness and design within close dimensional tolerances. We make Fabricated mica such as; mica washers, discs, condenser plates, backing plates, transistors mounting washers and also meet every requirements as per buyers specification and drawing of electrical and electronics end users.Elecrical Apparatus:- Armature Coils, Commutators, Heat Sinks, Invertors, Rectifiers, Rotating field Coils, Transformers.Electric Heating Appliances :- Cigarette lighters, Coffee percolators, Curling Irons, Flat-Irons, Hair Dryers, Hot plates, Immersion heathers, Rice Cookers & Boilers, Permanent wave machines, Soldering Irons, Space heaters, Steam Iron Presses, Toasters, Vibrators, Water Heaters, Waffle Irons, Portable clothes dryers.Electrical Control :- Electrical and Thermal Regulators, Grid resistances Boxes, Industrial motor starters, Motor control panel, Pyrometers, Relays, Rheostat rods and terminals, Starting boxes of Trolley cars.Electrical lighting equipment :- ARC lamps, Dimmer Switches, Flashers, Large Incandescent Lamps, Liners for Lamp Shades, Neon-Lights.Industrial Electric Heating Appliances :- Branding Irons, Glue pots, Laundry Irons, Lead pots, Localized heating units, Miscellaneous heating elements, Thermostats.Mechanical Uses :- Compass cards, Diaphragms for hearing aids, quided missiles, Mommsen lungs Nonbreakable goggles, Oxygen breathing apparatus, Petromax chimney, Quarter wave plates for optical instruments, Shields for liquid level gauges of high pressure steam boiler, Stove and furnace inspection windows, Synthetic optical crystals.Miscellaneous Electrical Uses :- Covers for fuse plugs, Insulators, Spark plugs for heavy duty high compression engines, Washers.Radio, Radar, Television, etc. :- Bombarders, Capacitors, Geiger-Muller Counters, Magnetic heads of computers, Microwave Windows, Mosaic base and targets in Iconoscopes, Solid state applications, Transistor Shields, Tubes, Vaccum Tubes, X-Ray Apparatus.

Fabricated Mica Parts

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