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Feeder &Amp; Nozzel Controller Software

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Brand Sminfotech
Model Number PLC
Place of Origin Maharashtra India
Keywords Software, Feeder &Amp; Nozzel Controller Software, Sminfotech, Smart Mind Infotech, India
Category Computer Hardware & Software > Software 
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Feedlog 0.1 version Software ManualNo Need to do setupNo need of any DLL (DYNAMIC LINK LIBRARY)No Need of any OCX No Need of any Microsoft FilesNo Need of any shared componentNo Need of any driver to handle ( Add/Edit/View ) database objectNo need to view the report on externally component like DATA ENVIRONMENT, DATA REPORT, and CRYSTAL REPORT 8,9,10 Version! Its is fully independent.Not More than 1.5 Mb Disk Space After Zip FilesNo Microsoft Visual Studio Component RequiredFully User-FriendlyNo Runtime errorAny Windows Platform Like Win XP, Win 2000, Win 2003 Win 2009 and Win Vista!Total Five and Half Months to made this projectAbove Four Lacks Line Above Two Fifty Object TooksAll Object are manually Class builtTotal Eight Class Created Like Graph, Button, Feeder Window, List View, HTML Designer, Alarm Popup etc.SettingData SettingTwenty Four Address and Bytes available Communication Eight Feeder and Nozzel Controller Address Interval Gap of Timer Start from 0.1 millisecond to 60000 millisecond (60 Second).No. Of Pump Can be set of each feeder ReportYou can make your own dynamic format of report with your own style like font name, font size, picture, textbox, and colour etc.LicenseIt always required code when it will start once in client machine, Code Generator program additionally made to return the serial code to the client machine on first time.Code Generator copy only have to the manufacturer not for client machine.Feedlog 0.1 version cannot run until or unless serial code filled up once. ReportsSelectionDateTimeInterval Gap MinimumSorting Top 10/20 recordFeeder No wiseListview Datetime Set PointMass FlowNet WeightTotaliserNo. Of PositionListview accept no. of data upto 60,000 or aboveListview is also a inbuilt component which is not required any windows DLL & OCXListview class made manually to view data from databaseGraphicalDatetime Set PointMass FlowNet WeightTotaliserNo. Of PositionData ReportSave report in Most Common format HTML, you can view this format in any browser such as Internet Explorer 5.0,6.0 & 7.0 or above , Mozilla , Google Chorma and NetScape. Also this format support to add/edit in Microsoft Excel , Word etc.Because of HTML Conversion of local data into dynamic view, here you can easily handle or modified the HTML reports.Browsing in Internet Exploere or any other explorer , here you can make printout, pagesetup or easily email facilities available.Features & AdvantageFor loading a data small progressbar in the bottom of report view windowOnce a data load, then no need to wait again for any type of action like save page, print or view in graph format. It will update in below one sec!Password WindowFeederMaintainceSet / Ratio PointReportSettingData SettingCommunication SettingReportAlarm Remove LicenseFeeder WindowThere are twenty three communication input such asIndication View partRunning ModeAlarm Mode (With Add/View unlimited Entry Popup including acknowledge)Local Mode Ratio ModeVolumetric ModeGramertic ModeCaliberation ModeRefill Mode ( Flushing in every sec )Empty Cycle ModeIndication Add/Edit & View PartSet PointActual data IndicatePasswordSet Data in machine respectively each feeder Plotting GraphUpdate in Database in order of Date Time & Feeder No.Ratio PointActual data IndicatePasswordSet Data in machine respectively each feeder Plotting GraphUpdate in Database in order of Date Time & Feeder No.Mass Flow / Net Weight / Totaliser / No. Of PositionActual Data IndicatePlotting GraphUpdate in Database in order of Date Time & Feeder No. Drive Command / Motor Speed / Total FrequencyActual Data Indicate Pump StatusIn Feedlog 0.1 Version, each feeder has maximum number of twenty four pump indication at a time in respect of ON/OFF Indication.It also has user defined total number of pump indicationFor Eg: Feeder 1 = 16 Pump Indicator For Eg: Feeder 2 = 8 Pump Indicator Etc.Manually will change the color into Green to Red / Red To Green pump indication displayEach pump has uniquely address and bits given to follow each indicator status as it in ON State or OFF State.Online Trends FeaturesMultiple View of each dataX & Y Position on user definedColor of each line has user definedCursor Position DataZoom InZoom OutCtrl + Left Mouse Button it will move entire graph structurePrintingBackground colorLine border size ( Starting From 1 to 10 )Particularly one by one switching like on/off of each graph data For eg: Set Point and Mass Flow would be on(Visible)And rest of all off (invisible) RefreshRefresh button will regenerate the entire process, and connection! Next / PreviousTo move to next / previous window of feeder.Maintainers of Each FeederUpdate Max Set PointSet Caliberating FeederSet Empty FeederSet Auto TearUpdate Initial Feed FactorAt a glance on left hand side menubar indicate the every feeder status such as Is it in Recording ModeIs it in Normal ModeIs it in User ModeDatabaseEach Feeder keep track record of particular data like Set Point, Net weight, Totaliser, Mass Flow,No of Position, date Time and Feeder no {1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8}More than 1gb capacity of database storageEasy to access the database in Microsoft Access 2003 or aboveInbuilt driver made to access/update/modified the database record. Not required any platform such as Microsoft Access or any DLL files.Processing of each feeder in order of Recording Mode. Secondly when it is in Normal Mode.Thirdly no process done when feeder in not active and not in recording mode too.This is only the features and logic made in feeder 0.1 version and related this features some more new features need to be added in next feeder 0.2 version such as Each feeder has equal number of Data Setting window.Multiple user can access feeder and store data in server ComputerAll the feeder screen can be view in one format at a glanceIncreasing more flexibility and memory space in Feeder 0.2 Version.

Feeder &Amp; Nozzel Controller Software

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