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Flame Arrestors

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Flame Arrestors prevent the passage of flames in storage vessels &along associated pipe-work systems & have applications in a widerange of industries including petroleum & petrochemicals, gas,marine & sewage treatment.


Series 8350 Flame Arrestors should be mounted with axis vertical & as close as possible to the potential source of ignition.
Series 8360 Flame Arrestors have been designed for fitting to the down-turned end of free vent pipes.


Series8350 Flame Arrestor consists of a tube bank made up of spirally woundalternate layers of flat & corrugated stainless steel sheets builtaround a solid core. The tube bank offers a multiplicity of small holesparallel to the line of flow. The tube element is retained between twoflanged end sections & contained within an outer shell. TheArrestor assembly can be fitted with a weather hood.


  • Crimped Ribbon Element Design.

Thecorrugated "crimped ribbon" design of the Series 8350 Flame Arrestorelement enables the unit to be manufactured to very close tolerances& hence can be efficiently size selected to suit the widest rangeof applications. Pressure drop across the Arrestor is very low &hence the unit is suitable for high gas flow rates.


Weather Hood

Weather Hoods are available for fitting to all sizes of Flame Arrestorsfor use where the arresters are mounted in exposed positions, e.g. onvessel roofs.

Sizing & Selection

Due to varying degrees of hazard, it is necessary to very carefullyassess the type & capacity of Flame Arrestor required for safeoperation. A detailed application form should be completed for everyproposed Flame Arrestor application & returned to us to assist inthe correct sizing of the unit required to suit each situation.



  • Aluminium Alloy LM 25 (standard).
    Cast Steel ASTM A 216 WCB (optional).


  • Aluminium Alloy LM 25 (standard).
    Cast Steel ASTM A 216 WCB (optional).

Core Tube

  • Aluminium.

Tube Bank

  • Stainless Steel AISI 304.


  • Mild Steel (Zinc Plated / Yellow Passivated ).


  • Galvanized Steel.



  • 2", 3", 4", 6", 8", 10", 12".


  • ASA 150 FF.

Flame Arrestors

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