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Folirich (Liquid Organic Manure)

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Brand Folirich
Place of Origin Gujarat India
Keywords Plant Extract, Folirich (Liquid Organic Manure), Folirich, Jaiveekagro Biotech Pvt. Ltd., India
Category Health & Medical > Extract >Plant Extract
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Detailed Product Description

 Folirich is a type of fertilizer designed to be delivered directly to the leaves of your plants in the form of a fine mist. Today, foliar feeding is used on large farms on a massive scale. But why should you, the smaller hydroponics grower, invest in a quality foliar fertilizer? Here are some major reasons why:

Bigger Yields - The success of your plants essentially revolves around how many nutrients it can successfully receive and process. While the root zone is the primary way your plants will receive nutrients, it is possible that they still are not processing them at the speed that would most benefit your plants. Using a quality foliar fertilizer can give your plants that extra boost that they need to truly grow to their potential. For you this means you can enjoy healthier plants and bigger yields with surprisingly little effort.

Healthier Plants - Any experienced gardener knows that a pest, bacterial, or viral attack can happen at any moment. The only way to shield yourself form such an attack is to make certain that your plants are as healthy as they can possibly be. A quality foliar fertilizer accomplishes this by providing extra nutrients that your plant may need to boost its immunity. So if some harmful bacteria get introduced to your system, there will be less of a chance of infection. If your plants are infected, the damage will probably be less than if your plants were not as healthy to begin with.

Immediate Results - The stomata of a leaf have the ability to soak up the nutrients remarkably quickly. Studies even show that leaves can soak up these nutrients faster than roots can. Gardeners do not have to wait weeks or even months to see if their foliar fertilizer is working. It is common to notice healthier, perkier plants in just a matter of days. For most, this feature of foliar feeding can prove to be a tremendous time saver. There is nothing worse than trying a new technique only to discover months later that it has done nothing to improve your plants or, worse yet, has harmed them. Foliar feeding allows you to make adjustments to how you improve your plants quickly because you see the results very quickly.

Inexpensive - One of most significant benefits of using a foliar fertilizer is that it is cheap when compared to many other means of boosting your plants growth. Using a CO2 generator, for example, is a tremendously effective way of getting your plants to grow quickly. But smaller growers may not be able to afford such a device, or else may not be able to accurately measure the CO2 concentrations of their grow room. If CO2 levels get too high, it can even kill your plants. But foliar feeding just needs a quality fertilizer, pH balanced water and a spray bottle that can spray in a fine mist.

Packing:- 1 Ltr., 500ml, 250ml

Dosage:- 2ml/Ltr. of water

Folirich (Liquid Organic Manure)

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