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Brand Nutraforlife
Place of Origin India
Keywords Healthcare Supplement, Food Supplements, Nutraforlife, Nutra Specialities India, India
Category Health & Medical > Health Care Products >Healthcare Supplement
Payment Terms L/C,T/T

Detailed Product Description


We have started our Commercial activities since October2007 with a clear focus to target the Wellness and Healthcare industry and provide them with the Wide range of Nutraceuticals, Food and Dietary supplements and Niche Active Health Ingredients (AHI), and opportunity to do Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing and exploiting the current market potential for our clients by opportunistic productions.

We also have few premium Nutraceuticals Boswellia Serrata AKBA>30% and Policosanol.

Boswellia Serrata AKBA >30%

Please Find various COAs of different Grades and Technical Package for Boswellia.

Introductory Quote >30% Boswellia AKBA:

Based on your indications on quantity of Min. 1Ton/quarter:

Best Price Quotes: AIR USA CIF.

This will help you to determine optimum requirements:

Below 100Kgs --- USD 275/Kg

100 250Kgs  --- USD 250/Kg    

251 500Kgs  --- USD 240/Kg    

Above 500Kgs --- USD 225/Kg

1 MT/Order    --- USD 215/Kg

We manufacture about 5 Tons/quarterly and have a minimum stock of over 500Kgs at all times.

Please let us know if you need samples and we would also meet you in US in March09. We would be happy to invite you to our factory and have a better relationship.

We can offer:

>70% Boswellia acids                        === USD 16/Kg Min. 1000 Kgs

>2% Boswellia AKBA + >70% Boswellia acids === USD 17/Kg Min. 1000 Kgs

>20% Beta Boswellia + >70% Boswellia acids

>10% Boswellia AKBA + >80% Boswellia acids

>20% Boswellia AKBA + >90% Boswellia acids

>30% Boswellia AKBA + >90% Boswellia acids

>35% Boswellia AKBA + >90% Boswellia acids

Or any other specific grades

Please let us know if you need any samples for Approval and other materials before our meeting. Please find the COA for reference.


Policosanol refers to a mixture of fatty compounds (alcohols) derived from the wax of sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum). The natural composition of these alcohols is called Policosanols. The major alcohols being Octacosanol and Triacontanol. Octacosanol is a long-chain fatty alcohol found in the waxy film that covers the leaves and fruit of the plants contain excellent LDL and total cholesterol reduction activity. Policosanol is reported to be better than statin drugs and without the side effects associated with statins.

Policosanol has been shown to exert direct effect on the liver cells that control cholesterol manufacture and breakdown. Specifically, it balances cholesterol levels by impacting both excessive manufacture and impaired breakdown of cholesterol. It is also an effective antioxidant.

We maintain a min. of >70% Octacosanol levels the main alcohol of the eight found in


The total alcohol is a min. of >90%.

Introductory Quote Policosanol Octacosanol >70%:

Based on your indications on quantity of Min. 100Kgs/quarter:

Best Price Quotes: AIR USA CIF.

This will help you to determine optimum requirements:

Below 25Kgs  --- USD 440/Kg

Below 50Kgs  --- USD 420/Kg

Below 100Kgs --- USD 410/Kg

Others: Curcumin >95%

             Natural Pure Capsaicin >98%

             Astaxanthin Under R&D

             Huperzine A

We would be happy to explore other new products which you may have high interests and we shall develop the same. We have good team of scientist with us.

Food Supplements

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