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Gauva Fruit

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Guava & leaf, anti-oxidizing effect, makes you healthier

Guava is the origin of a tropical America and South-East Asia.
Its leaf has been used as health tea. Guava & Leaf has a character of strong
Superoxide-dismutase-like activity. Because decreasing of free radicals makes
anti-oxidizing effect in the body, it can prevent arterial sclerosis, thrombosis,
cataract and inhibit senescence of body and skin (1). Also, polyphenolic compounds
contained in Guava & Leaf have an effect to suspend proceeding of peroxidation reaction
in the living body which can be expected to prevent various chronic diseases (2).

Guava & leaf, anti-diabetic effect, reduces blood sugar
Guava & leaf has been used as a folk remedy for diabetes and there are studies of
Guava leaf for anti-diabetic effect. Guava & leaf inhibits the increase in the plasma
level of blood sugar, but not to effect on the plasma level of insulin (3).

Guava & leaf, anti-allergic effect, improves atopic dermatitis
One of factors for atopic dermatitis and other allergies are histamine release from cells.
So that it is believed that the inhibition of histamine release from cells can cure atopic
dermatitis and other allergies. Guava leaf has an inhibitory effect for the release of histamine
from cells (4).

Guava & leaf, a-amylase inhibitor, reduces body fat Obesity is a phenomenon of over-accumulation
of body fat and is said to be a risk factor of chronic diseases. Guava & leaf has a function to inactive
a-amylase as an its inhibitor and to inhibit digestive absorption of lipid as hpase inhibitory effect.
However, Guava & leaf does not inhibit protease (5). Therefore, because of Guava leafs inhibitory activity
of decomposition of starch to glucose, it inhibits absorption of glucose into body and inhibits conversion
of glucose to body fat. It is believed that Guava & leaf is effective for weight control and reducing body fat.

Bibliography: l ) H. Okuda, et. al., Research report, Medical Dept., 2nd Biochemistry Rm., Ehime University 2) Y.
Kimura, et. al., Japan Clinical Medicine 46(10), 176-182(1998) 3) Y. Murayama, et. al., Shoyakugaku Zasshi 39(4),
261-269(1985) 4) H. Okuda, Research report, 2nd Medicochemistry Rm., Medical Faculty, Ehime University 5) Y.
Inoue, et. al., New Food Industry, 36(9), 1-7, 1994

Gauva Fruit

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