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Gc Zero Air Rotameter

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Place of Origin Maharashtra India
Keywords Gas Meters, Gc Zero Air Rotameter, , DE-LUXE TRADING COMPANY, India
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Detailed Product Description

GC Zero Air 

GC zero air for TOC analyzer produces a continous flow of high purity zero air at selected pressure. Compressor takes the air from atmosphere, the hot air is then passed through copper cooling coil. The cool air is then passed through furnace where hydrocarbon are cracked at high temperature (temp. range - 400°C to 500°C in presence of catalyst. The furnace reaction at higher temperature breaks the hydrocarbon into CO² & H²0 Water is drained away through 5 & 0.0 filter. The modular pressure swing adsorption unit operated with alternating pressure increase and decrease. Untreated air flow under pressure through the reaction tower containing molecular sieve absorber. Moisture Co, CO²M THC and other unwanted components in the air are adsorbed, leaving GC zero air of required purity. During the desorption cycle, the trapped substances adsorbed are released again at low pressure and the adsorber is ready for next cycle.
Principle SpecificationsZAG 01 (for 1 GC)
(for Indian GC)
ZAG 01A (for 2-5 GC)
(for Indian GC)
ZAG 02 (for 2-5 GC's)
(for Imported GC)
ZAG 03
(for TOC Analyser)
Moisture< 6 ppm
<2 ppm<0.5 ppm
Total Hydro Carbon< 3 ppm
<0.5 ppm<0.2 ppm
Co & Co2< 5 ppm
<2 ppm<0.2 ppm
PurityGC Grade
GC/ UHP gradeTOC/XL grade
Micro Particulates< 1.10µ
< 0.01µ< 0.01µ
Capacity of ZAG1 LPM at 2 kg/ cm²4 LMP at 5 kg/ cm²4 LPM at 5 kg / cm²1 LPM at 5 kg / cm²
Method of purificationHigh efficiency adsorption
Pressure Swing Adsorpting (PSA)Pressure Swing Adsorpting (PSA) & HC Cracking furnace
Room temperature5°C to 25°C
5°C to 25°C5°C to 25°C
Start Up time5 minuted
5 minutes30 minutes
Electrical requirements for ZAG230 V AC , 50 Hz, 1ph,
2 Amps
230 V AC , 50 Hz, 1ph,
4 Amps
230 V AC , 50 Hz, 1ph,
4 Amps
230 V AC , 50 Hz, 1ph,
5 Amps

Gc Zero Air Rotameter

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