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Heat Reflecting Paint

Product Details:

Production Capacity 20 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month  Per 
Packaging Details 50 kgs HDPE drums
Keywords Paint & Coating, Heat Reflecting Paint, , Novota Industries, India
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Detailed Product Description

Sun-Sheetal is one component acrylic water based exterior paintthat repels heat energy, keeping buildings/structures cooler in summer &warmer in winter. Its unique formula results in lower energy cost & ahigher level of comfort. Its elastic film acts as waterproofing barrier as thisfilm is impermeable to water.


Sun-Sheetal is applied like a normal paint on to masonrysurfaces, or properly prepared metal or plywood decks. Its coating slows downheat gains in the summer and slows down the heat losses of a building inwinter. In the summer, it keeps away more than 50% of suns infrared energyfrom emitting into the building, keeping the building & its occupantscooler & more comfortable. In the winter more than 50% of the radiant heat,which would normally escape, is reflected back slowing the loss of heat fromthe building.

Special Features

Ø   Sun-Sheetal on application to external surface of any heat receiving object repelsthe heat thereby controlling the heat transfer.

Ø   Experimentsshow that if the roofs & walls of the building are coated with Sun-Sheetal,then the interior of that building will be 10-110.C cooler than thatof a similar building during the warmest part of the day.

Ø       Throughoutthe day the heat from sun is carried in the atmosphere by radiation, transferthrough the roof by conduction to the internal air space and the infrastructurebelow. Once the heat is in, it is trapped. So even the ambient temperature isdropped, the interior retains the heat. Since Sun-Sheetal control the heattransfer in the first place, it greatly reduces the air conditioning runningcost.

Ø       Sun-Sheetal controls the heating of concrete roofs & wall and therefore, savesthe structure from heat stress problem resulting in increased life of building.

Ø      Sun-Sheetal  paint  has excellentresistance to abrasion, temperature, fire and seawater.

Ø       Sun-Sheetal also eliminates harmful glare due to its mat finish & last muchlonger than regular exterior coatings when applied as per directions.

Ø       Sun-Sheetal coating is like a protective barrier that shields home from externalheat energy. As a result, your rooms are cooler & more comfortable.

Ø       Inwinter, because of the coating of Sun-Sheetal ,the transfer of heat from theroom to outside atmosphere is restricted. The result is a warmer and morecomfortable room.

Heat Reflecting Paint

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