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Herbal 1-Top Capsules

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Brand Pentavox Herbals
Place of Origin Punjab India
Keywords Other Food & Beverage, Herbal 1-Top Capsules, Pentavox Herbals, Pentavox Herbals, India
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Detailed Product Description



(An Ideal Herbal Dietary Supplement for Rejuvenation & Virility)



Following the footsteps of the discoveries made by Great Sages & Acharyas, the Herbal Division of PENTAVOX, with the untiring efforts of its dedicated, experienced & highly qualified team of Herbal technocrats & Scientists, Plant-microbiologists, Pharmacists, Agriculturists, Bio-technologists and above all The Ayurvedic Vaidyas (Specialist Ayurvedic Physicians),  has rediscovered to formulate the most  precious  Rejuvenation   & Virility  remedy in the form of 1-TOP Capsule, which has been specially crafted for MEN by picking up the most Precious & Rare Herbs, Minerals & Trace Elements found on this earth.

REJUVENATION: Ancient texts describe various household therapies & remedies  which are helpful to restore the youthfulness of human beings, build resistance against all diseases, check aging debilities and keep a man Healthy throughout his life known as Rejuvenating therapies & remedies. Rejuvenation, is the source of strengthening all the physiological components of the body and is meant to enhance health and body-essence, produce top-quality bodily tissues, eliminate senility and other diseases of old age, prolong life and enhance memory, intelligence, youth, lustre, sweetness of voice, strength of body, senses and beauty.

VIRILITY: The remedies and therapies which are helpful in restoring the Youthful Vigour of a man, provide tonic, strength, stimulation, increase potency and check seminal debilities are called Virilization remedies and therapies. Virilization is the source of strengthening the genitals and toning up the reproductive system.

The concept of 1-TOP Capsules is based on the Total Health Care concept of Ayurveda. In earlier days Royal Physicians used to  make Royal Recipes for members of Royal Families to keep them FIT & VIRILE. 1-TOP Capsule is a brand of proprietary Herbal formulation as an Ideal Herbal Dietary Supplement specially formulated, to make the diet remarkably complete since it virtually provides every nutritional element essential for a healthy-diet. These conventional herbs have been known to possess vigorous tonic properties and were used to recuperate body & mind since ages. Clinical trials have proven the efficacy of these herbs which have been compactly compounded in 1-TOP Capsules.

Specific indications & uses: An Ideal Herbal Dietary Supplement to meet all deficiencies of routine diet, the ingredients of which are traditionally being used for toning up all the functions of human body and have been recommended as a compound in various Herbal epics of India for Rejuvenation & Virility. Also useful as an adjuvant for Fatigue & Stress, Convalescence, in all debilitating conditions and as an aphrodisiac par excellence for men. Also helpful in overcoming non-specific problems of premature ejaculation & loss of sexual drive.

Contra indications:  Being Ideal Herbal Dietary Supplement, 1-TOP CAPSULES are completely safe even on prolonged usage. Hypertensive or Cardiac patients should use the product under physicians supervision, as a precautionary measure.

Side effects: 1-TOP CAPSULES are extremely well tolerated and have shown no allergic or other untoward side effects in recommended dosage.

Dosage: One capsule twice daily with boiled milk or fresh fruit juice for 2-3 weeks initially followed by One capsule daily at night one hour before retiring. In severe & chronic problems and patients suffering from impotence occurring from physical causes like Diabetes mellitus, the initial dosage is recommended to be enhanced for 2-3 months or more, depending upon the severity & duration of their problem. 1-TOP CAPSULES can be taken for several months without any harm.

Herbal 1-Top Capsules

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