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Product Details:

Brand wetell
Model Number HYB-21
Place of Origin Guangdong China (Mainland)
Production Capacity 1000 Piece/Pieces per Week  Per 
Packaging Details 8 pcs per caton
Keywords Humidifiers, Humidifier, wetell, National Automobiles, India
Category Home Appliances > Air Conditioning Appliances >Humidifiers
Payment Terms L/C,T/T,Western Union

Detailed Product Description

Advantages of Humidification

"Humidity should be an essential part of your home. Especially for the relief of sinus pressure, sinus headaches and to help avoid sinus and other infections."

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Why Humidifier?  


 Reasons: HealthHome, and  Happiness





* Humidifier can cool the Room.

* 4 liter water can run 8-10 hours.

* Electric consumption 28 watt only.

* Can cool Air conditioned room faster it means you can save electricity bills.

* Small in size.( 12*6 inches )

*Saves water and Electricity.








Proper humidification can increase the indoor air quality of your home or office and   enabling the body's immune system to better defend itself against harmful germs.

Dry Air is one of the major causes of respiratory infections, nose bleeds and repeated episodes of winter colds. A lack of moisture can prevent your body's immune system from repelling infection causing germs, and can actually promote the growth of some bacteria, viruses, and respiratory irritants.

Studies have shown that the body's immune system will function better when the relative humidity in a home is between 45%-65%. 

Low levels of humidity can aggravate skin allergies and respiratory infections, while extremely high levels increase the spread of mold, bacteria, and viruses. Maintaining the proper humidity level is the key to avoid such problems.

Pneumococcus, staphylococcus, and streptococcus bacteria die up to 20 times faster at a relative humidity between 45% and 55%, than above 70% or below 20%. Dehydration can also cause negative health effects. Symptoms of dehydration include dry skin, chronic joint and muscle pain, raspy throat, sinus and nasal pain, sore eyes, a lack of mental concentration, and a decrease in the body's immune system.

Humidifiers Direct finally makes it affordable to purchase multiple humidifiers for your home, office .




Proper humidification allows you to maintain a comfortable living environment, while protecting your investments, and eliminating static shock.

Conditioning the amount of moisture in the air is necessary to maintain comfort. Optimal comfort is considered to be achieved at 45-65% humidity. Most homes heated to 73 degrees can have a relative humidity approaching 15%. In comparison, the typical humidity in the Sahara Desert is 25%!

Dry air affects everything around us. Plants droop, paintings craze or crack, furniture joints loosen, moldings shrink, and wallpaper will loosen due to the loss of moisture. A lack of humidity can cause warping and splitting of furniture, woodwork and hardwood floors. Wooden instruments such as: woodwinds, strings, and even pianos, loose pitch and can be prone to cracking and warping as well.

Specific humidity control is vital to protecting your health and your investments. Allows you to set specific humidity levels to control the amount of humidity around you. Not all humidifiers on the market today allow you to set and control specific humidity levels.

Static electricity is a direct result of very dry air. Humidifiers minimize the static electricity which causes havoc with electronic equipment, especially expensive computer equipment. Proper humidification can greatly reduce static 'shocks' and reduce the hazards of 'zapping' yourself and those around you.

The following are the ideal relative humidity levels for different situations:

The most comfortable relative humidity for the human body


Ideal relative humidity for prophylactic and curative purposes


Computer and telecom apparatuses


Furniture and musical instruments


Libraries (books), art galleries and museums



Proper humidification with air purification can increase your overall well-being and happiness.

Using a humidifier is a beauty secret not well known - especially when used at night when so much dehydration of the skin occurs and saps the face of its elasticity and vigor. The beauty market is flooded with products offering to hydrate your skin with a moisturizing cream or lipstick. A humidifier provides moisture which in turn keeps the skin soft and supple, making the skin look and feel younger!!!!!





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