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Industrial Effluent Treatment Service

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Industrial Effluent TreatmentIn industry today, environmental protection and industrial effluent treatment are inseparable. The potential risks and costs involved in not facing up to effluent problems and dealing with them in the most appropriate and cost-effective way are too great for companies to ignore. Not only are costs affected but so is staffing. This is because businesses will require a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of both how their effluent is produced and the methods available for its control and treatment. This impacts on in-house resources and requires levels of expertise, which may simply not be available.The indirect financial impact on industrial businesses is also increasing. Over the past few years the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has issued a number of legally-binding Directives concerning the quality standards of rivers and discharge norms for industry. For many industrial companies this has resulted in a dramatic increase in both their water and trade effluent charges. This increase has considerable financial implications for these businesses. Industrial companies often realize that they either lack or cannot spare the technical resources to resolve their effluent treatment and disposal problems themselves. Carrying out studies, checking up on ever-changing regulations or designing treatment plants is simply not what they are in business to do. They realize that they need professional, knowledgeable and skilled help from people who provide exactly this expertise as part of their core business - expertise which we have at ecowater. By using and trusting Ecowater's specialist knowledge, companies find that what had initially been a major problem - and potentially a major expense - can turn into significant cost savings once the solution we develop has been implemented. The problem is solved and your bottom line may well be improved. Turn our experience to your advantageWe have extensive experience of working with a wide range of industries, in different industry sectors, identifying and implementing the most cost effective solutions for their effluent treatment and disposal problems.More and more industrial companies are benefiting from the advantages of turning to ecowater for help, advice and assistance in solving their trade effluent and disposal problems. The most crucial advantages we bring are:Our ability to work for companies in any industrial sector - we put this wide range of experience to work for you A complete range of skills and services is available within one organization - there is no need to find different specialists to solve different parts of the problem

Industrial Effluent Treatment Service

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