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home products Instant Coconut Water Powder- Private Label

Instant Coconut Water Powder- Private Label

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Place of Origin India
Keywords Fruit & Vegetable Juice, Instant Coconut Water Powder- Private Label, , India Foods, India
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Detailed Product Description

It is a unique Concept Product that offers you a chance to introduce in the market – a product that is one of its kind. It gives an ability to offer- a nutritious anytime, anywhere affordable drink-that itself creates great opportunities in the market.

The Product Placements can be done at- Retail General Stores, Malls, Chemist Outlets, Provisional stores, etc. It is an omnipresent product. This is a unique Concept Product that looks at House holds, office break time drink, parties, house guests, functions, health and fitness spa. Also is extremely useful for travelling.

Our Coconut Water Powder can be packed in a 12 gm sachet. It is 100% Natural without preservatives or added synthethic flavours. It when reconstituted with about 180ml/ 8oz drinking water, it adds a refreshing taste of coconut water.

We have Fortified it with essential Minerals and Electrolytes- Calcium, Sodium, Magnisium, Potassium and Phoshorous to make it a perfect Energy/ Sports drink!!

Each average size green coconut contains around 250 ml of coconut water and so does this. It gives you the same feeling as sipping from a green coconut

It is a Nutritive and Rehydrating beverage. It contains more potassium than a banana.

Its arresting Taste makes  you want it everyday and

Affordable enough to allow you have it everyday.

Our Powdered Coconut water is super convenient and makes it easy to have whenever and wherever you want.

Product Advantages-

Before Exercise / Sport - To provide your body with an energy boost before you begin
During Exercise / Sport - To replace salts and replenish carbohydrate levels
After Exercise / Sport - To ensure a speedy recovery after sport

-Keeps body cool at the proper temperature

-Orally re-hydrate your body, it is an all natural isotonic beverage.

-Replenish your body’s fluids after exercising.

-Cleanse your digestive track.

-Treats Kidney and urethral stones.

India Foods offers Private Labelling Services and can Contract Manufacture the same for under your Company Brand and Logo.

Instant Coconut Water Powder- Private Label

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