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Instrument Signal Cables

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The company manufactures and stocks a wide range of Screened Instrumentation Cables needed for signaling systems, control and instrument circuits. These cables report and monitor process variables ranging from transducers to environmental controls and computer inputs.The carefully produced stranded copper conductors used in the cable maintain high system accuracy and sensitivity. Maximum rejection of electro magnetic noise is achieved by twisting the insulated conductors. Twisting causes the noise to be cancelled in adjacent sections of the wire. Maximum electrostatic noise rejection is achieved by shielding the cable with aluminium-mylar tape. An overall shield is normally provided and in critical applications an individual shield over each pair or triad is also provided. A minimum of 25% overlap of the shield ensures 100% coverage even when the cable is flexed. The drain wire under the shield provides continuous low resistance path to ground and simplified hook-up at grounding terminals. The cables can also be provided with copper braid screening.Ease of installation is another major benefit of these cables. Individual cores, pairs, triads or quads are colour coded and or number printed. A pair of communication wires can also be provided. The cables are available in a wide range of insulation and jacket materials, the most popular being PVC, Polyethylene, HR PVC, FRLS PVC, ZHLSF, Silicone, EPR & CSP rubber, Teflon.The detailed construction, conductor sizes and electrical characteristics are as mentioned below. The company also manufactures custom designed cables to meet the specific requirements of individual customer applications.

Instrument Signal Cables

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